Comments? Already? I must be a superstar!

This particular post is not photography specific, but a chance to say thanks to the two fine folks who left comments on my second blog posting. I really didn’t expect anyone to be reading this for some time and I had anticipated that anyone who did read it would have come across it by accident more than anything else.

I have also learned something about WordPress blog postings: one cannot reply to comments posted to a blog. I guess I’m spoiled by LiveJournal and MySpace, where I other blogs that were simply created so that I could communicate with friends, but not about anything in particular, which is quite the opposite of this site. I had to do a help search and found that about the only thing I can do is to edit the original comment and add my reply. Strange.

I look forward to returning the favor of looking over the sites of those who left me comments, which I already did, but very briefly. Of course, doing such opens up the possibility of seeing really fine work by others, which can either motivate and/or inspire me or simply depress me. I’m interested in seeing which way it goes.


5 thoughts on “Comments? Already? I must be a superstar!

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  2. Hmm… you’ve changed the theme. Neat!

    Anyway, I’m not sure I’m understanding you right. If you mean what I think you mean then you can reply to comments… by the simple expedient of adding a comment yourself. Is that what you’re after, or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick entirely?

  3. I mean that I cannot directly reply to a comment left by another in the same manner to which I am accustomed. I think the way it works here is a bit less intuitive., but I haven’t used this site for more than a few days, so everyone will have to forgive my naivete.

    I think I’m trying to reply in a more tree-like format like that used on MySpace. I’m such a loser.

  4. Ah, I see. Thing is, I’ve used wordpress as a blogging tool (both here at wordpress and as a script on my own sites) for so long now that I tend not to give a second thought to how it actually works in terms of features.

    I’m sure you’ll get used to it after a little while. 🙂

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