It’s a Small World After All

Today I dropped by my local camera shop to pickup my recently ordered polarizing filter. As if it’s going to help me…..we haven’t seen much of the sun in the past few weeks, which is really okay by me, but makes spending the money on a polarizer seem…well….dumb.

While conducting the transaction at the counter I engage in the usual pleasantries with the now quite familiar staff when a customer points to me and says “Yeah, he was there too.” Suddenly I realize it’s the gentleman with whom I was engaged in brief conversation while at the park the other day, taking pictures of birds.

Small world, eh?


3 thoughts on “It’s a Small World After All

  1. One of the things I’ve found on my photo jaunts is that you can end up having conversations with all sorts of people.
    Dunno what its like over your way but here customarily strangers tend not to talk to one another… most people seem to carry a sort of invisible yet effective “don’t approach me” shield around with them.
    Yet it seems that carrying a camera is much like taking a dog out for a walk… its like a sign saying “I’m approachable”.
    Bit odd, and not entirely welcome under some circumstances (for example, once had a really drawn-out and boring conversation about the local council with a guy I met on a bridge whilst shooting the river, when all I really wanted to do was get on and take some pics) but on the whole I think its probably a good thing.

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  3. I would venture to say that most strangers are not adverse to a person striking a conversation with them. Not all, but most. Americans tend to be rather friendly people. And I think you’re right about the camera thing – it’s like placing a sign on you that says “I have my toy. Do you want to talk about our toys together?” and then it turns into a contest of who has the biggest lens.

    Your incident on the bridge will, no doubt, happen on occasion. I’ll be certain to keep my eyes open for this guy as I won’t have a clue as to what he is talking about.

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