Learning things the hard way….

I discovered something today.  When one is trying to take pictures of bits of frozen water clinging delicately to thin branches it’s best if there is no wind.  In other words, Mother Nature is a cruel bitch.

She giveth AND take away all at the same time.

She had seen fit to sprinkle our little slice of heaven with some snow and then freezing rain last night.  This morning I awoke to find a wintry wonderland; ripe with photographic opportunities.  Saints be praised!  What I didn’t know at the time, from the comfort and warmth of my bedroom window, was that She also saw fit to provide a gentle and non-stop breeze for the day.  You try to capture delicate rivulets of frozen water clinging to the end of a thin and tapering branch while said branch whips around.  I must have looked and sounded like a complete imbecile as I stood behind my camera, eye fixed to the viewfinder, gesticulating at no apparent person or thing and shouting curses to the wind.  Ridiculous.

However, it was during one of my more poetic bouts of blue language that I struck upon a method I had used once before with my digital point-and-shoot:  burst mode!  I grant you this process did not yield reasonable results with the P&S camera, but that is because even in burst mode it only shoots one picture every second.  My lovely, lovely, lovely 40D (did I mention my 40D is lovely?) will shoot something like four, five or six frames per second even in simultaneous JPG/RAW!  Saints be praised.  Again.

I am, without having yet checked, reasonably confident that at least one picture from each burst will yield a result that offers no blur from the branch swinging about in this confounded wind.

So, two important lessons today:  (1) Mother Nature conspires against me, and (2) burst mode rules!


4 thoughts on “Learning things the hard way….

  1. Ah, the wind! Yeah, I’ve had a few issues with that myself. Damn inconsiderate of Mother Nature if you ask me. She could at least spare a few minutes each day for us poor photog-types to do our stuff.

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