WWAAD? (What Would Ansel Adams Do?)

First, in regards to my prior posting about my obvious need for the Canon 100-400mm lens…..my wife checked into purchasing such for me as an anniversary gift (12 years this Sunday!). She called my local camera shop and spoke to my camera guru who asked if she was sitting down as the lens runs for USD 1,500. Apparently my wife didn’t know that lenses could cost this kind of dosh.

Needless to say I still don’t have a 100-400 lens. (snif)

Second, regarding the pictures I took the other day (when I discovered my apparent need for the 100-400mm lens)…..well…..my original title for this blog was “Well shit!”. That tidbit of information should help you form an idea of the results of my photographic endeavor. From maybe 60 shots taken I can say that four, perhaps five, actually turned out nicely. Maybe not perfect, but nicely.

That’s one in twelve. That’s 8.5% (right? I just did that in my head).

In the mean time this other character (you’ve seen him here) continues to snap lovely photos day in and day out. And the bastard is so humble about it too! Augh!


7 thoughts on “WWAAD? (What Would Ansel Adams Do?)

  1. Humble? Humble, you say? Humble nothing. I’m mortified. By now I should be looking at a pass rate of something like (at least) 95%. In my dreams!!!
    Just a few months ago (December to be precise) when my mate and I went out to try our hand at shooting Christmas decorations I took about 50+ snaps and ended up with two just about usable ones… and to achieve even that I had to lower my normal “standard of acceptability” a bit!
    And clearly you haven’t seen those truly rubbish ones I shot at Rowney Warren wood. No excuses. All the conditions were right. Just that I’m bl***y useless.

    On the other hand we could always take a bunch of really crap pics, tell ourselves that they’re “arty” and “meaningful”, and who’s to gainsay us?
    But could we really live with ourselves afterwards? No. Better the way we are methinks, failures an’ all.

    However… I really like that idea for a blog title. Wish I’d thought of it! Maybe we could adopt it (or something very similar) for that sort of plan we’ve sort of been sporadically chatting about… if it ever comes to fruition that is.

  2. It is difficult to come back home, pull out the media card, spark up the computer and look at screen after screen after screen of rubbish. But I’m trying to tell myself that it’s alright. I want to believe that by taking all these crap photographs I’ll start to realize what doesn’t work and avoid those situations.

    Or I could simply be happy with the knowledge that I did manage to get a few pictures that I liked and that I had a good time while I was out and that it’s entirely unreasonable to assume that every picture will be great.

    And are you trying to say that all my work ISN’T artsy and meaningful?

    I’m sorry. I’m a bit confused. Which title do you like? The WWAAD? or Well….Shit?

    Thanks for the congrats and no, she hasn’t beaten me. Actually, I spun it to my advantage by pointing out that the 400mm prime f/2.8 I was originally looking at was over USD 5,500 so the 100-400mm looks like a bargain!!!!

  3. Far be it from me to say that all your work isn’t artsy and meaningful… I naturally assumed it was and that I just didn’t understand it!

    But aside from the artsy and meaningful stuff I think you’ve got some really good shots already… at least from the ones I’ve seen. Certainly good enough to share ’em with others.

    Re the title… I meant the “Well… Shit” one! Just the sorta thing I’d say.

    And as for the wife, then its about time she did [grin]. And the art of spinning, ah, just show her that lens on LifeSpy’s blog and she really will understand what a bargain the one you’re after is.

  4. Well as long as well all understand that every picture I take is artsy and meaningful πŸ˜‰

    “Well……Shit” did strike a chord with me, but I went with the more photography-oriented WWAAD?. Then again I have the strange feeling that the words “Well….shit” are oft used by those in the photography field.

    Oh trust me; I did show her the picture. And quoted the price. All to no avail though, sir. Apparently I’m doomed to have my mediocre kit for the rest of my life πŸ˜‰

  5. Well…..Shit, just do like most togs do; shoot loads and loads of images that are meaningless and pick out the best ones, the more you shoot the more best ones you have!
    If you got four or six from a shoot, then if you shoot twice as much, you will end up with 8 or 12. More than enough for an editorial submission..

    No! being serious though, there is a lot of truth in the above and beginners don’t shoot anywhere near enough images, to be super hot with there camera functions in different conditions, it is not enough to just point the camera, you need to see it as well, through the camera, know what it will be like photographed, before you have taken the photograph. Getting your eye in is not just a quick and simple task as it may seem it needs constant honing. the adage was you shot a roll of film a day for a whole year!

    Unfortunately forkboy I have not seen any of your images as of yet 😦

  6. Yes, you are right LifeSpy; you haven’t. I confess that I have been only sharing with known entities (including you know who). I don’t yet have a flickr account (I’m slow you know).

    I shall endeavor to remedy this situation.

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