A more rewarding experience

Once again I ventured out into the wilds of my local park system, camera at the ready, and snapped away like a happy shutter-bug.  There were the usual issues of stupidity on my part:  wrong white-balance setting for the first few pictures, hadn’t remembered to format the media card (so that’s why I ran out of space so quickly), didn’t wear my better-for-very-mucky-conditions boots, etc.  Sigh.

See?  There is a reason why folks buy point-and-shoot cameras.

I wanted to post that I’m happier, on the whole, with the latest batch of pictures I took, and that I have shared these with some (via private invitation), but that I have now opened all of my sets posted at Picasa to the unwashed masses.  Yes; that’s you.  Well, it’s me as well, but that’s neither here nor there.

(Pictures found here)

Certainly this latest bunch aren’t going to get me invited to be the staff White House photographer, but I feel like this latest round is an improvement over the previous trips.  This pleases me to no end as I really didn’t want to find myself taking the same ‘okay’ pictures time after time after time.  Certainly it is only my opinion that these are better than those taken earlier, but I’d really rather live in my own private delusions if you don’t mind.


4 thoughts on “A more rewarding experience

  1. See, if you hadn’t banned me from leaving remarks like “nice pic” etc you’d be feeling a lot more optimistic.

    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that we (the “we” in this context being that curious subset of the human species that can’t resist snapping away) only ever manage to take “okay pictures” most of the time, the “wow, that’s really amazing” pic being the exception rather than the rule. If we’re honest with ourselves, that is.
    The thing is though, the bar of what we consider “okay” is gradually raised over time without our being conscious of it.

    But I could be wrong!

  2. I think you have nailed it right upon the head sir.

    Allow me to sit at thy feet master and take in thy wisdom……

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