On the need for two extra arms

As a person who has often said “I’m a Brit trapped in an American body,” I can tell you that today feels like an English day. At least the way I have always imagined them to be.

It has been raining since yesterday and flood watches and warnings abound in our neck of the woods. As I have mentioned in prior posts, the ground is so saturated with water there simply is no ability for it to absorb the latest torrent from the heavens. The gray skies, the constant rain and Top Gear playing on the television have all conspired to transport me to my imaginary England where I’m far more interesting.


Last night the fog was rolling in as the night progressed and I had high hopes that a foggy day would greet me. So sure was I that I placed my camera out in the garage so that it would be ready to go for a morning’s shoot at the park, where I was very confident I could get some good shots. Alas, no fog. Just rain. And I’ve quickly learned that it is very, very difficult to manage a camera, lens and camera bag along with an umbrella of sufficient size to keep not only me, but my precious camera equipment dry.

I see some pending unpleasantness with the daughter this afternoon when she comes home only to find me telling her that she is going to man the umbrella for me so that I might take a handful of pictures of our rather flooded back garden.


3 thoughts on “On the need for two extra arms

  1. I’ve sort of been playing with the idea (on and off) of using an umbrella in wet weather (providing its not too windy that is). Suggested by an experience a mate and I had in London last year. Involves shoving the handle of one of those folding-type ones in a top pocket to leave hands free to manipulate a camera.
    First attempts were a dismal failure (due to lack of support) but still working on it cos I think its got potential if a technique that works can be developed.

    Or maybe its just me being silly again.

  2. I was thinking about this problem myself and wonder if I could fasten two belts (the sort usually reserved for holding up one’s trousers) around one’s chest with the umbrella wedged between them and you?

    I think two belts, maybe 6-inches apart, would offer better security. It sounds crazy, but I’ve done weirder.

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