Photographer missing and assumed dead….

Today was a very beautiful day. Our truly first spring day with temperatures in the 50’s (Fahrenheit) and not too much in the way of cloud cover. After spending the morning and early afternoon with the wife and daughter I decided it was a great day to hit the local park armed with my trusty Canon 40D and assorted lenses. I think you would agree that this was a most excellent decision.

I left about 1530-hours and spent many hours stalking my prey: birds, squirrels, mosses and lichens. Some of the Canadian geese were particularly cooperative today and for that I hope I have been rewarded with some nice photos of them. (you do now that since I posted my blog about “picture” versus “photograph” I cringe whenever I have to use either word) I don’t kid myself; most images (there! that’s better) will be just okay, but aren’t most images just okay? But I remain hopeful that I have a few nice ones in the group.

I also very much enjoyed just walking around the park. It remains very muddy after all the snow and rain we had in March so I am very glad I wore my best hiking boots. However, it was great weather and nice to be outside, in the woods, especially before the onslaught of flying, buzzing, biting and stinging insects come out in full force.

During one part of my trek I could hear an owl, but it was too far away for me to get excited about. As I made my way around a particular field I heard a rustling sound to my left and managed to catch a glimpse of a huge owl taking flight. He/she was calling like crazy and there was at least one other nearby that was also calling. It was very, very cool and I only wish they had been near and still enough that I might have taken their photo (I really like owls).

However, never let it be said that a good day goes unpunished. I left the park with the last of the light; about 2000-hours. Instead of heading straight home I stopped by my community’s clubhouse where a friend and neighbor was having a scrap booking party. She had asked if I might swing by to see what it was all about (because she knew that another friend of mine had recommend that I take up scrap booking as a way to do something with all my new photographs – never mind that it seems awfully girly). Being the good friend and neighbor that I am, I dropped by to take a look at what she and her other scrap booking friends were doing.

Shortly thereafter I realized that I hadn’t yet turned back up the ringer on my mobile phone. I had turned it off at the park so that I wouldn’t frighten the birds while I was working on taking their pictures. (I take it with me in case something happens to me so that I might phone for help, if possible) As soon as I open the phone I see that I have missed a couple of text messages and also have a few voice mail messages. Making my way through them I discover that my daughter and wife had become concerned that I hadn’t yet returned (as it was now thoroughly dark) nor phoned to let them know where I was, what I was doing, etc. They were now driving around the park where I had been shortly before.

I know I should feel loved and all that, but jeez. I’m insured after all.


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