Holy white-balance setting, Batman!

You, my dearest readers (and oh how I appreciate you!), may recall my rather unflattering commentary regarding our tulips and how uncooperative they were this weekend past?  Yes?  Good.  However, I had not yet commented upon the fact that I have also been feeling a certain amount of animosity towards the blue jays that have been alighting upon our back garden decking for the past two or three weeks.

Not because they were alighting upon the decking and partaking of the bird food placed there for all to enjoy (all birds that is), but because they took off every single damned time I came anywhere near the window with camera in hand!  And as they are one of my more favourite birds it was really quite annoying.

But today I can report that I have finally, no, FINALLY, managed to grab a few images of these blue jays, who love to hang around the back garden deck.  I did not manage to get more than a few, but the mere fact I managed to capture a handful of images at all has left me feeling quite satisfied, almost smug.

It is with every intention I can muster that I will venture to the basement PC and get some 200-plus images off my 4GB media card and see if anything is worthy of posting to the Internet.  And I’m feeling so content I may even post them to my as-yet-utilized Flickr account.

I know you are very excited.


3 thoughts on “Holy white-balance setting, Batman!

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