Getting my freak on……

This morning required that I awake rather earlier than is usual for myself as I was tasked with depositing my lovely wife at the airport by 0645 EDT for her flight to Salt Lake City, Utah (and I’m SO jealous that I don’t get to go – just think of the pictures I could have taken!)

As it is Thursday morning, and because I hadn’t done this last night, I also needed to get out the garbage and recycling for collection.  While moving said items to the curb I noted the rather pleasant look of the morning sky; a sky I typically don’t see as I’m not up for another hour or so.  And this got me to thinking about the many lovely images I have seen online of early morning skies taken by friend and stranger alike.

So before walking out the door to the car I grabbed my camera bag and thought “I’m going to get some great early morning pictures.  Pink clouds.  Dew-covered things.  Early birds out getting the worms.” This was going to rock.  Totally rock.

However, this was not to be the case.  And this is, once again, where the issue of timing comes into play.  Just because I was up and ready to snap pictures doesn’t mean that Mother Nature was going to provide the requisite gorgeous scenery that I had in mind.  Truth be told, by the time I had finished dropping off the wife and then daughter, the sun had risen high enough in the sky that the soft pinks and reds that dominate both sunrise and sunset had diminished to nothingness.  And as I drove about my more favourite outdoor photography haunt I found nothing to photograph.

Some birds were out as I could hear them, but I couldn’t see them.  The squirrels scurried away at the site of me.  And with the gentle cloud cover none of the more interesting colours of the spring blooms popped, lending to low contrast settings that don’t make for the best images (pictures, photographs, whatever).

How dare Mother Nature not accommodate me when I’m ready for her to give me all she’s got.



3 thoughts on “Getting my freak on……

  1. I’ve found with morning shots that it’s best to remember that old margarine commercial.

    It’s not nice to ignore Mother Nature.

    You have to take pictures on her time not yours. She is a bitch that way.

  2. I feel the same half the time when I drive around or just walk around my campus. There was one night were my campus was iced over and my friend and I walked out of the library and he pulled out his camera. All I could think was…where is my camera. Start throwing our camera in your car whenever you go out that way mother nature can never surprise you.

  3. I have contemplated taking the camera with me in the car whenever I leave the house, but neither do I feel at all comfortable leaving thousands of dollars of equipment in the car and nor do I want to have to drag the stuff with me into wherever I’m going.

    It’s a catch 22.

    I have considered purchasing a smaller (less expensive) dSLR (like a Rebel) with a single general-purpose lens for keeping in the car.

    Actually, it really is a good idea.

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