I hope this was a dream….

(while it wasn’t my intent to post for a bit due to certain issues and matters, this was too weird to not post)

It is not unusual for reality to slip into my dreams and create some unusual circumstances and last night’s dream is no exception. I really like the way my dream pulled points of reality into the chaotic world that is so often our dreams, but also pulled something from its bag of tried and true points, which will become clearer soon.

In this dream I was attending some sort of extended family get-together, which included a dinner and such. While making my way into the house I noticed the rising moon and thought to myself, within the dream of course, “I need to get a picture of that,” which I blame on this friend’s lovely photo. I worked my way around the back yard of this family members home, but couldn’t find the right place by which to snap my picture.

The dream jumps such that I’m now standing in some sort of narrow road in a small town’s downtown area (High Street for those readers across the pond) not unlike this friend’s image, but I’m again having issues with finding a good vantage point from which to snap a picture. I decide that I should use my telephoto lens so I pull it out of the camera bag and begin putting it together.

Now, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to describe this ‘lens’ as it looks nothing like a lens. The base of the lens, the part which attaches to the camera, is shaped not unlike an open umbrella if you pressed it together from two opposing sides. Attached to the top of this section was what can best be described as a lens tube that was more like a tripod leg in that each section fit inside a slightly larger one and there were locking clamps for each section. I busied myself with extending and locking the tubes and thinking to myself “This is going to be really big. I wonder if I need a tripod?”

I know. Weird doesn’t even begin to cover it.

As I finish setting up this crazy contraption called a ‘lens’ I notice an Air Force B-52 fly overhead from right to left. It is low, wheels extended and obviously coming in for a landing or practicing touch-and-goes at some airfield. Right after the B-52 passes from sight an Air Force B-1 flies by, but makes this impossible turn and dashes in another direction. And right after this occurs a plane of some sort (one I don’t recognize as I’m reasonably certain it’s made up, but possibly based upon the 1950’s F-104 Starfighter (here)) appears in the sky, also makes an impossible turn and then tumbles from the sky heading straight for me.

I dream about airplanes quite a bit. And I always dream about them in one of two ways: (1) They are falling from the sky onto or quite near me, and (2) I’m in one that is always taxiing (yes, it is a real word), but never taking off.

Needless to say I never manage to snap a picture of the moon as I’m fleeing the falling plane, which narrowly misses me and by ‘narrowly’ I mean by inches.

I only wish I WERE on drugs as this would go far as to explaining these sorts of dreams.


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