I-55 is NOT the place to stop and take pictures

I’m in Chicago on business and that business doesn’t include any time for Forkboy’s Photographic Travails, which means I haven’t had time to run off and snap pics (like some folks do of Derby, UK).  However, this evening as the sun was working it’s way into the western horizon I was reminded of this spot along Interstate 55 on the near south-west side of Chicago (you can actually see this spot of highway during the opening credits of the television show “Married with Children”) from which is a fantastic view of the city.

Fantastic view?  Ummmm……isn’t this the sort of thing for which photographers crave?  Doesn’t this mean that I should be hauling ass to this spot, with camera in the car, so that I might create a fantastic picture of this city I so love so that I might post it upon Flickr and have all of you, my humble readers, bask in its glow and heap upon me no small amount of praise and glory?

Shit yeah!

However…..like most things in my life the plan didn’t quite gel with reality.  The time it took to get my car to this magical spot on Interstate 55 was around 35-minutes, which took me too far into dusk and the magical moment of the low sun shining off the thousands of mirror-like windows in all the tall buildings was lost. 

That and the fact I was suddenly concerned that pulling onto the shoulder/emergency lane might very well have led to my sudden and immediate death as my body was splattered across the west-bound lanes of Interstate 55.  If you have ever driven in a major metropolitan city you will know what I mean.

I didn’t know photography was going to be this hard.  Had I known I might have taken up something less stressful and less irritating.  Like bull semen extraction.


5 thoughts on “I-55 is NOT the place to stop and take pictures

  1. BULL SEMEN EXTRACTION?????? Bwahahahahahaha

    I am glad you weren’t “splattered” across the west-bound lanes, and I am sure your family is as well. I don’t usually stand in traffic to take photos… I am more of the type who will stand in pouring rain waiting to catch that elusive lightning bolt. 😉

    Speaking of lightning bolts, I’ve been waiting all damn day for one! Hadn’t happened yet. 😦

  2. I dunno… moan moan moan… that’s all we ever get from you! 😉

    Seriously though, I know exactly what you mean about not knowing photography was going to be this hard.
    Before I started peering through viewfinders and suchlike I had this perception of photography being very much a genteel pursuit. Relaxing. Composed. “Civilised” one might almost say.
    Dammit, no-one warned me about the hazards, the dangers, the energy-draining trudges across inhospitable terrain… to say nothing of the drenchings, the un-cooperative kit, and the frustrations of things just not working out right. Nor let’s forget the threats of actual physical violence in some of the locations I’ve been stupid enough to frequent! And that’s just from the cops!

    But when all’s said and done, I’m with Kym. You wouldn’t believe how much joy the thought of you taking up bull semen extraction and photographing it gives me!

    And its good to see you back in the blogworld again.

  3. Just to say that Derby UK really IS a great place to snap, so thanks for the reference. And our wonderful city is bursting with creativity, as well as being on the doorstep of the Peak District – a world class National Park only second to Mount Fuji for its popularity!


    Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

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