The anti-bitch-n-moan WP blog posting!

Okay……sit down. You don’t want to be reading this while standing or working out on the treadmill or doing work stuff. Really. You need to be seated. Calm. Centered. Have a drink. Go ahead….I’ll wait while you visit the fridge.

I AM NOT writing to complain about how Mother Nature screws with me every chance the old hag gets. No. Not this time. Instead I’m writing to say Mother Nature threw me a bone this evening. Not a great bone, but a bone never-the-less. And I’m not about to throw that bone back considering how awfully she usually treats me.



Sure. It’s pretty much a crap photo. I had to use the flash as it was dark. It was hard to frame him because it was dark. To get back outside quickly I left on the lens that was attached (my 50mm prime f/1.8), which wasn’t my first choice. I was also worried about getting to close and scaring him off. But hey. Like I said. When Mother Nature tosses this dog a bone he bites down hard and savours every lick.

And if you’re wondering; no. It isn’t the same rabbit I saw the other day. This was a baby type bunny.


6 thoughts on “The anti-bitch-n-moan WP blog posting!

  1. LOL! Oh my side hurts from laughing at fotdmike!

    Baby bunnies are sooooo cute. I don’t think we have bunnies around here. If we do, i never see them.

    Oh, and drink coaster, great tag!

  2. HA HA! All adult rabbits are like the Rabbit of Caerbannog, the vicious rabbit in the Holy Grail. LOL. Gads, that’s a funny movie. 😛

    run away!

  3. The mighty photo hunter catches his prey!!! I’m having the same problem. I live surrounded by wildlife but the minute I get out my camera, I have it on the wrong setting with the wrong lens, etc. By the time I get it all straight the animal is the size of an ant in the distance.

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