On a very regular basis I read a handful of photography-related blogs.  Some of the folks posting these blogs do not mention whether or not they go out and spend a day (or days) with someone else while they snap away at whatever grabs their interest.  They may be with a spouse, family member or friend, but if they are they haven’t yet mentioned this fact.

Other folks go out of their way to discuss how they have lovely photographic adventures with family or friends (as found here and here, respectively).  I confess to being somewhat jealous of how these wonderful and lovely people have others with which to share their passion and zeal for ametuer photography.  I often imagine sharing a hobby, such as photography, can be enriching for a marriage/relationship (unless someone is Bogarting the camera!) or a great opportunity for friends to offer both encouragement and assistance about all things photography-related.  No doubt a team effort can greatly enhance any photo outing.

Well today I may have been offered my first ever photography play-date.  The salesperson at my local camera store (the one from which I bought the camera) is a really nice fellow, but seems very, very busy in both his work and personal life.  I know such as I regularly drop by just to say hello and chat.  And while he has always been very receptive to my coming by and shooting the shit he hasn’t ever suggested anything like getting together and doing some shooting together.   Until today.

But please don’t get me wrong.  I never expected the salesperson to ask me to get together for a photo-op.  I’m a customer after all, not a close friend or family member.  However, I dropped by the store for just a minute (I hadn’t been in for over a month) and while we were chatting he asked if I had been out taking pics of late.  I replied along the lines of “No.  The weather has gotten awfully warm and humid and I don’t like being out in such weather.” (remember:  I’m the guy who goes outside when it’s 25-degrees Fahrenheit in short pants and a sweatshirt)  We briefly discussed setting up a small set for photographing indoors when out of the blue he suggested, “Hey!  Maybe we should go shooting sometime?”

Wow.  A prospective play-date with cameras and everything!  And the really great thing is he’s very knowledgeable about all this photography stuff so he could certainly offer lots of helpful and useful ideas.  Of course, that leads to the question of what would I bring to the equation?

For the time being I’ll have to assume it’s my rapier wit and sparkling personality!


3 thoughts on “Play-date?

  1. I hope you both have a GREAT time! It’s a lot of fun to have a photo buddy. I am just REALLY lucky that Brad loves photography as much as I do. I have one daughter (oldest) that is already very interested in photography.

    I can’t wait to see your photos!!

  2. That is great. I will be photographing with someone else in July for the first time. And we will swap cameras too for that day. Have fun and of course feel free to share your work

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