An apology of sorts….

It isn’t that I really need to apologize, but I feel I should make something more clear as it may go far to explaining why I post certain types of images quite often on Flickr.

If you venture over to my Flickr site you will often find new uploads of photos of my cats.  I say “my” because they are mine for all intents and purposes.  Just like the dogs are my wife’s.  Sort of backwards from tradition, aren’t we?

Anyway…..I love my cats.  Then again I love animals in general, but naturally I’m closest to these furry heathen who happen to reside with me.  And the pictures you do see are only a minute fraction of the total.  I have many, many others taken with my digital point-n-shoots that I have never bothered to post (mostly because my Flickr site is geared towards my new Canon 40D).  And while many folks love their pets, maybe mine take on a bit more significance for me than do pets for other folks.  This is because I’ve never had children of my own.  My daughter is actually my step-daughter and she’s a red-headed one at that, if this means anything to you (and if it does it probably means you grew up in the south).

Since I first lived on my own I have had furry family mates (except maybe the first six months or so).  They have always been cats (as this worked far better with my apartment dwelling and often being away from home on weekends lifestyle).  I’m very attached to these furry family members and while the first five are now gone there are plenty of others to carry the torch.

As such you will see plenty of them on Flickr.  Learn to live vicariously through me if you like.

One thought on “An apology of sorts….

  1. Well, I happen to be a HUGE cat lover. So I know what you mean. They are my furry children. I take lot of pics of my cats too. Matter of fact, took some again tonight. 😀

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