When in Rome…

The weather here today has been glorious. Picture perfect (pun completely intended by the way). Warm, but not too warm. Not humid. A bit windy, which felt nice, but makes photographing plants a bit more dicey. So it was with no small amount of joy and happiness that I ventured forth into the wilds of Ohio to photograph stuff.

However. Never let it be said that the cosmos does not conspire against me. About two years ago, while out driving and exploring this neck of the woods, I came across an old covered bridge. Just the sort you might expect to see in a picture (clever, eh?). And wouldn’t you know that I just happen to remember where this bridge is located (in the most general of terms that is). So I made it my first place to stop today. No back deck shots. No favourite spot at my local park. Nope. Outside the box. Something new and adventurous. So this lad headed West on 40 towards Indiana. Lo and behold I found the bridge that was my indicator to turn north and I found my next indicator that told me to double-back East and there was the bridge. Well, sort of.

The bridge was there, but also there was a bunch of lumber, working men, construction signs and all sorts of manner of tools. The bridge was being rehabilitated. My gorgeous 1800’s covered bridge was just a shell of its former self.


No. Fucking shit.

I had driven the forty minutes for this?  Yep. Fucking shit.

Oh well, when in Rome………so I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. Emphasis on “few”.  As I had stopped here and there on the drive there was no reason to return via the same route so I thought to myself “What now dummy?” and it was there that I decided to return to the warm embrace that is my favourite local park.  “However…,” thought I, “….this time I’ll head over to that large field that is a designated wildflower area and snap lovely pics of the flowers and the bees and the whatever else happens to be there.”  To the highway I went and made a hasty journey to the park.

I can now let you in on a little secret: areas designated as “Do Not Mow:  Wildflower Area” are not filled with wildflowers.  I think it’s just that the park is either too lazy or too broke to actually mow the damn field.  Rest assured that much in the way of flowers are blooming all about Ohio, but not in the designated wildflower area.  At least not at the one in my park.


So what do I have over at Flickr?  Not much for my troubles.

I’m more certain than ever that “Forkboy’s Photographic Travails” was precisely the correct title for my sojourn into amateur photography.


6 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. geeze, sorry you didn’t have much luck today. I love covered bridges…

    Ok, so meatloaf? The singer (which btw is GREAT) or the food (which by the way is GREAT)?

  2. It has been a trying day. And wait! There’s more! I set up my camera last night for taking a very special shot and I made some setting changes that I forgot to undo for today! So I was taking pictures with the wrong metering mode until the point when I was almost done. And then thee is the odd thing – my camera only took jpg images today and not the usual RAW + JPG as I always have the camera set for. It’s been one of those days when I just want to put the camera kit in the closet and ignore it for a week or two.

    Both. But not necessarily at the same time. Unless the meatloaf is made from Eddie, then it’s okay. ( I hope that made sense 😉

  3. Ah, you had a day like I’ve had recently. Silly me did the very same thing a few days ago. (sigh) we all have those days my friend!!

    And YES, Eddie! It makes perfect sense. I have seen that movie a billion times…ok, maybe not a billion, but darn close! 😉

  4. Ah, the best laid plans eh? I know that feeling only too well. But hat off to you for making the effort.

    Neverthless, wandered over to your photostream and, whaddya know, there’s a whole load there I seem to have missed. Damn sneaky of you if you ask me.


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