Playing Follow the Leader

A certain fan, who shall remain nameless (There! How do you like those apples? ;-), of my devastatingly witty Word Press blog has recently felt compelled to do some pruning of their back garden. You can read about their exploits here and then venture over to their Flickr site for a visual tour of their good work.

The posting of their blog and pictures got me to thinking “You know….I should post a few pics of the house on Flickr.” We have a lovely house of which we are quite proud. See?


Granted, we are working on little projects here and there, both inside and out. And we are hampered mostly by a lack of funds due to my long-term unemployment situation, but we remain positive and hopeful of our homes future.

So take an Internet stroll over there and enjoy the handful of pics I took over the past few days and in particular admire the lovely retaining wall that has been erected.

14 thoughts on “Playing Follow the Leader

  1. A house? That’s a bloody mansion! And you moan about being short of funds. Some folk just don’t know when they’re well off! (And there’s me having to make do with a little hovel stuck out in the wilds of Bedfordshire, with barely two ha’pennies to rub together! I dunno.)

    No wonder you’ve been so reluctant to post pics of it before. Huh!!!


  2. Mansion? Hardly, sir. It is a comfortable home, but hardly a mansion by any measure. Trust me…it looks bigger in the pics than it really is. Hell, 1/3 of the facade is the garage alone (you know us Yanks: two cars in every garage!).

    And what ‘hovel’ are you stuck into? Why I seem to recall a lovely picture of a beautiful room in said hovel. I’m quite certain that you have a lovely place with a nice wood growing in the back garden.

    Wilds of Bedfordshire? Someone is clearly prone to exaggeration 😉

  3. Hey! I’m getting ganged up on here! Well….well…..well…..I know a family that has like maybe three cars and two scooters….and….and…..and a Canon 10D….and a telescope…..and…and…..and all sorts of stuff!

    Yeah, all sorts of stuff!


  4. I’ve just checked out your Flickr… some superb pics! (I could say “about time too” but I’ll be kind and won’t… heh heh).

    And whaddya mean “1/3 of the facade is the garage alone”… I haven’t even got a driveway! You’ve definitely got a mansion there… so no more of your “woe is me” type stuff!


  5. (sigh) yeah yeah…blah blah, cars, blah blah, scooters… blah blah telescope… Canon 10 D is actually outdated and not as good as your camera, Mr Man. OH and don’t forget the 4 million mm lens you got there!! Ok so it only goes to 400 mm, but you get my drift! 😛

  6. First, thanks regarding the pics. There really just everyday pics of the house though. Excuse me….everyday pics of the MANSION!

    And I seem to recall that someone, who shall remain nameless, doesn’t have a car. So what would such a person do with a driveway?!? Huh? HUH?

    And believe me…you’re in for some real tales of woe from now on buddy boy!


  7. Well if I was really living in a mansion and all that I would have a Nikon D300 or some fancier full-frame sensor dSLR. But I don’t. I’m just a man of the people!


  8. Because me good lady would become a fireball of death and destruction, the likes of which have never been seen before by any mortal. And I don’t want to see that!

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  10. The good lady in question would rather see the smallest master bathroom in the world remodeled before the D300 makes an appearance.

    Maybe you should post a picture of it and dispell any “mansion” rumors floating around?

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