A rush and a push and this land is ours..

There is truly so much to learn, know and understand about photography. Thousands of books are dedicated to the endeavor. Thousands of web sites too. It is truly overwhelming by any standard and I won’t lie to you. I don’t roll that way. I have only scratched the surface regarding the information available to me. Then again, I’m not looking to turn this into a major hobby. At least not at this time and maybe not ever. I’m simply looking to enjoy myself and where I find that I want to do better I will scour the available sources for information to help me.

To that end I have read just a modicum of information regarding the use of a flash unit (strobe…whatever you prefer to call it) in photography. One of the first things I purchased, besides the camera and a lens, was a flash unit. I don’t know why as I really had no idea how to use it appropriately. All of my prior uses of flash with my 35mm SLR film cameras led to the typical flash photograph: washed out in a burst of white light. But I didn’t wish this to be the case again. So I did some reading; just a very little. But that bit of reading has helped me immeasurably. Or so I think.


My latest upload of pics to Flickr are all flash pics I took today or yesterday. I utilized the principle of bouncing the flash off a nearby wall or ceiling to soften the light and to add depth to the subject matter. I must say that I’m very pleased with the results. Not perfection by any stretch of the imagination, but so far superior to ANYTHING I have previously done with a flash in my lifetime.

Granted, the camera was in full auto mode as I really don’t have enough information to use the flash in conjunction with any other setting. At least not yet. And as such the depth-of-field is more shallow than I would like, but the experience left me feeling very satisfied and that is such a pleasant and unusual feeling when it comes to trying something new with the camera.

4 thoughts on “A rush and a push and this land is ours..

  1. I think you did a smashing job on the photos! I don’t like to use the flash because of the washed out results. Of course, I don’t have a flash unit, only the built in on the D10.

    I think your results are great! Well done!

  2. Yeah, I agree with Tam.

    I’ve used the inbuilt flash occasionally, just to add a bit of fill light usually, but I’ve rarely used the separate flash unit. Keep promising myself I should, but not sure if I’m prepared to tackle another huge learning curve just yet. (Also, the one I’ve got is only a cheapie and doesn’t fill me with that much confidence!)

    That said, the shots you’ve done have inspired me and I now may well be tempted to start playing around with it.

    Looked at all the flash ones you’ve uploaded to Flickr and think you’ve done a wiz job. Well done!

  3. Absolutely no harsh light. Very well done. And since I found your blog this is the first photograph I see in a post 😀
    I am too lazy for flash photography. I just try to crank up the ISO setting and hope it won’t be too noisy. But you sure did a nice job here.


  4. Wow! Thanks all. I’m truly touched by your kind words. And what’s this? Me? Me inspire our master and mentor? It’s just too much for me to handle in one sitting!

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