An update concerning the fireflies….

Wow!  Two postings in one day!  Can you handle it?  Are you man/woman enough?  Will it change your life for the better?  Will it give you fresher breath?  Well just wait and see!

(enough of that nonsense)

This evening, as I drove to the local store for milk, I noticed how much more prolific was the quantity of firefly lust than had been evident over the past few days.  “Huuummmm,” thought I.  “This may be a good evening to once again try the firefly photo thingy.”  A quick check of the sky indicated some cloud cover and since this wasn’t total cloud coverage I was willing to take the risk that things wouldn’t turn out like last time, which you can refresh youself with here.

Into the car went my camera kit, tripod and self, and off to my local favourite field did I drive.  Mind you, there was a period of about an hour between my drive to the local store for milk and when I left for my local favourite field.  This was because it was still too early to go to the field when I went to the store and noticed the very busy and very horny fireflies doing their naughty mating dance.  During this time period clouds had begun to gather and a storm was brewing unbeknown to me.  So I arrive at my field and things are, as they were last time, pretty awful.  Way too many clouds and way too little in the way of pagan firefly lust.  Rats.

But wait a minute.  Last time this occured I had a moment of minor brilliance.  I thought outside the box and did something different.  I made lemonade when Mother Nature (BITCH!) gave me lemons.  So what to do….what to do.  Well, the clouds were rolling in and there was much in the way of what we call heat lightning, which if you are really curious about you can read about here.  So I thought “Why not try some timed exposures of the clouds and try to capture some lightning?”

Unlike the success I enjoyed with the insects buzzing around the lightpole, I’m not feeling it tonight regarding the lightning.  I stayed and shot a number of pictures before the rain began to fall and forced me to make a hasty retreat to the car.  Nothing that appeared on the camera’s LCD screen looked of interest, but I’ll check closer later.  Still.  It was good of me to once again think outside the box.  I only wish I had experienced some of the same success as last time. But the upside is that I am home drowning my sorrows in milk and cookies.


2 thoughts on “An update concerning the fireflies….

  1. So did you photograph the rain pouring down the windscreen from the inside of the car, and lights and stuff being reflected off the raindrops, and so on, and so on?

    And if not, why not?

  2. Funny you ask……I contemplated a photo from the top of the damn. I would have needed to place myself on the road that runs across it and it would have been quite neat, or so I think. But the rain was really hard and I couldn’t manage the camera, tripod and umbrella at the same time. And shooting through the window would have led to a very disappointing result.

    But I WAS thinking. Thinking with a photographic-bent. I was rather proud of my inspiration, but smart enough to recognize the limitations of the evening.

    Plus…..I had cookies and milk at home!

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