Striking While the Iron Is Hot!

My last post discussed the problem with laying out plans for some photography fun and then finding that things don’t go necessarily according to plan. This does tend to be my modus operandi though, doesn’t it? But every so often things do work as they are supposed, if not with a bit of effort.

This weekend past was glorious weather-wise. Mid-80’s with lower humidity and no clouds. Good photography weather. So where did I spend my Saturday? In the basement. I needed to perform a major file backup and it required my being around the house for the day so I didn’t get any shooting done on what should have been a great day for photography. While my project continued into Sunday I wasn’t about to allow this situation to persist so I made some very generalized plans and headed out into the wilds that are Dayton, Ohio in the latter part of the afternoon.

While I won’t share with you to where I went first (that will be part of an upcoming blog) I can tell you that I again returned to the Cox Arboretum hoping to get some nice pics of lily pads for a special effect I wanted to try on them. “Them” being the pics, not the lily pads. Unfortunately the ponds at the park were rather devoid of lily pads as evidenced below.


Alas I returned to a more familiar theme when it comes to the Cox Arboretum: dragonflies! While I very much enjoyed shooting their pictures, upon returning home and viewing the images I realized how rather similar they looked to pics I had shot a few weeks back. Rats. I don’t really mind too much, but it can’t make things particularly interesting for those visiting my Flickr site. But what do I really expect? One dragonfly looks an awful lot like another and the backgrounds are ponds and lily pads and other aquatic grasses. So why wouldn’t the pics all look rather alike? I really need to lighten up on myself, eh? All this said, I did come back with one that looked different and I’m quite pleased by this little revelation. Please to enjoy.


You may also recall from one of my more recent postings how I was attempting to photograph a particular frog that lives in a stream behind my neighbor’s house and how poorly that attempt went. I haven’t yet returned to try again (and it is my intention to do), but while at the arboretum, busy shooting dragonflies, I happened to look down and into the water near where I was laying on the grass by the pond and what did I find?


Result! Success! Excellent! I was so pleased. And this little fellow was so cooperative, hardly moving at all while I inched ever closer. I only wish I had a tasty fly to pass on to him for being so cooperative.


5 thoughts on “Striking While the Iron Is Hot!

  1. Both are nice photos! But the frog and his all knowing golden eye is pretty special. It looks as if it were crafted by ancient Mayans out of gold and obsidian.

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