Say “Hello” To My Little Friend!

Today was simply glorious here. Temps in the low 70’s and very reasonable humidity. It was, to put it mildly, too nice a day not to go outside. That said, I didn’t want to venture to any of my usual haunts and decided it was time to visit someplace new and different. I have, off and on, thought about stopping by another park in our area, the Taylorsville MetroPark park, which runs along a branch/tributary of the Great Miami River (more like the Poor & Pathetic Great Miami Creek).

As I had never been before I wasn’t certain what I would find photography-wise so I elected to instead bring my very handy and pretty compact Canon A630 digital point & shoot camera. This way I didn’t have to drag and hike with my whole kit (which gets heavy quick) and I could consider this virgin hike a recee of sorts. A smart move if I do say so myself…….and I do!

On the whole the hike was nice, but I didn’t really find the place rife with photography options. The woods were particularly pretty today as the sunlight was bright, strong, and not filtered by a dense layer of humidity. This made the green light from the leaves incredibly beautiful as illustrated below.

Taylorsville MetroParks River Trail (16)

But other than that….not really a monumental trip photography-wise. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to shoot a number of images, which I have uploaded to Flickr. For better or worse. I will say that one picture stood out from all the rest…

Taylorsville MetroParks River Trail (22)

Mind you, it took me about five shoots, messing mostly with the camera’s exposure control, to finally arrive at a usable image. All the rest were so completely blown out that you couldn’t really tell anything about the flowers (no detail). Such is the life of the digital point-n-shoot camera though, you know?


4 thoughts on “Say “Hello” To My Little Friend!

  1. I see, a -2EV, seems a lot, but I also only recently learned to use more than the tiny – or + 0.3 or so… But the flowers came out really nice! And you cannot blame the flowers to attract the insects… can you?
    I only recently learned about your blog, will start to read back into the history. I like the way you take the time to describe your photgraphic experiences.

    thanks, best regards
    ronald bunnik

  2. Very nice pictures! At first I was like, “That doesn’t look like Florida!” But a little research (plus your tagging) revealed that the Great Miami River is in Ohio. Go figure …

  3. @ Ronald Bunnik – I tried every exposure setting on my little Canon A630 and it was only at -2 that I was able to capture any detail from the flowers. Otherwise it was total overload of the pixels. Such is life with a digi point-n-shoot though, eh? Hope you enjoy the rest of my ramblings!

    @ James Visocosi: Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I USED to live in Florida (born and raised if such a thing truly exists). Trust me, were I still in Florida I WOULD NOT be outside taking pictures in August. Not without a gun to my head!

  4. Now y’see, if you had the G9 p&s you could also shoot RAW and thereby compensate post-process for some of the more irritating p&s limitations.

    Dammit, I still haven’t got a G9 yet either!


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