Leica S2

A fellow WordPress blogger and Flickr uploader had a discussion recently erupt upon his WP site in regards to the issue of how there are so many websites dedicated to the discussion of photography equipment as opposed to photography itself. I had included my $0.02 worth by mentioning that for many of us it is far easier to discuss the technical merits of a piece of equipment than it is to discuss the technical and/or aesthetic merits of a photograph. It’s about comfort. It’s about fact versus truth. It’s about a lot of things really.

That said, how about the announcement of the Leica S2 digital camera, which you can read about here:


Leica S2 (courtesy of www.dpreview.com)

Leica S2 (courtesy of http://www.dpreview.com)

A sensor 56% larger than a full-sized (35mm) sensor? Good grief? 37.5 megapixels. Holy shit.

I wonder if the larger sensor size automatically makes one’s pictures Art?



8 thoughts on “Leica S2

  1. “I wonder if the larger sensor size automatically makes one’s pictures Art?”

    Nope… all the larger sensor size does is make one a bigger snob and/or even more “precious”.


    But what a camera eh? Haven’t checked the review out yet but I’m guessing there’s an equally impressive price tag to match.

  2. You can bet your last quid that the price will be stratospheric. That is a certainty.

    I thought the bigger sensor would make me more special? Don’t you want me to be more special than I am already?


  3. For more than 20,000 dollars (body only) you might get some discount on a professional photographer too who will produce the art for you πŸ˜‰

    I checked the camera last Wednesday on photokina and it sure is an incrideble peace of engineering.

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