Strip Sex Nuclear Dance On Ice

Now that my title has your attention (thanks Young Ones!) let me tell you about my day because it was cool. Well…not cool in temperature (actually I thought it was rather unpleasant today, not cool, but a tad warm and humid), but cool in that I had some fun and I get to share it with you, my humble readers.

Meet Ron & Edgar

2008 Aullwood Apple Festival (1)

Ron & Edgar are folks I met through Flickr. I don’t recall exactly how that occurred, but I imagine it was one of those things whereby they had left a comment on a picture at someone’s Flickr site to which I regularly visit and there must have been something interesting about their avatar or comment such that I paid their site a visit. And there you go.

Via the exchange of a few e-mails they had indicated they were heading to the Aullwood Apple Festival today, which was located about dead even between where I believe they reside and where I do reside. I have been looking for an excuse to take photos at a public gathering (something I hadn’t yet done) and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: public photos and meet some folks from Flickr. And there you go.

I’m not quite certain how I feel about the process. I sometimes feel like a snoop, snapping pics of folks who I don’t know. But it wasn’t all that bad I guess.

2008 Aullwood Apple Festival (10)

I think it will take some time for me to become more comfortable with such photography. And I think I need to learn how to take such pictures. Without having given it any thought until the moment I typed the first sentence of this paragraph, I’m wondering if I went about this the wrong way. Instead of walking about and snapping pics when I found something/someone that intrigued me, perhaps it would be better to search out a spot that presents a nice background and wait, not unlike a spider, for my subjects to fly into my photographic web. I don’t know. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Now, if you visit my Flickr site and view the photos I uploaded you will quickly notice that I only uploaded ten images tonight. This was on purpose. I’m trying a new thing with Flickr….instead of uploading a whole mess of images at once (I have sixty from today) I’m going to upload a smaller and perhaps more manageable amount each day. Ten today….maybe fifteen tomorrow….followed by another ten. I just feel that when I put up a large number of images at once it may be more difficult for a viewer to make or find the time to go through them with the same attention they might offer a smaller uploaded group. Again, comments are welcome about this idea.

So remember to come back and see more pictures from the 2008 Aullwood Apple Festival during the following week. And if you don’t……well…….well……..then don’t. And then you will have missed out on some super killer pictures and your life will be far less interesting and you’ll probably get a zit or break a finger or something like that!


6 thoughts on “Strip Sex Nuclear Dance On Ice

  1. Glad you had a good time. I would like to meet Edgar and Ron. I visit their photostream often.

    As far as uploading photos, either way is fine with me, few here and there or all at once. If I don’t have time to go through all the photos in one sitting, I always return. I usually only upload a few at a time simply because it’s all I’ve processed up to that point.

  2. Been thinking a fair bit about that idea of uploading small batches of pics to Flickr.

    I can see the sense of it, and the reasoning’s sound. On the other hand, were I to try that I’d almost certainly end up with a huge backlog that’d simply never get uploaded. (“No great loss” do I hear some say?) Also, my whole workflow tends to be geared to working with fairly large batches anyway. Result of one of the intrinsic contradictions (boon/curse) of digital photography… that its too easy to take loadsa shots.

    In terms of browsing, not too sure which I prefer. I think generally I tend to prefer browsing through a whole load of pics in one hit then not having to revisit for a while.
    But that said, there are some Flickr streams where I actually look forward to visiting every coupla days or so to see what mates are up to… and alas yours happens to be one of those!

    So on balance I think its probably a good move on your part.

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