Family time

It isn’t often that I post pics of the family. Part of the reason for this is because I do not see members of my family on a frequent basis; other than my wife and daughter. It is also because I’m not certain that my Flickr site is the place where I want to place such images. But why not? Especially when they look this good:

Grandma & Aunt Karen

I’ve had this notion, right or wrong, that my Flickr account is for something other than family photos. I really cannot explain how or why I have this idea stuck in my head, but I know it is there. If I had to take some guesses I suppose I could argue that it was never my intent to use my Flickr account to post images of family get-togethers. That my Flickr account wasn’t meant for the casual (i.e. ‘record’ type) image, but more for the purpose of expressing myself through photography. (from my photostream it is pretty clear I’m communicating about as well as a 6-year old with a bad meth habit)

It could also be that I don’t think folks who regularly visit my site will be interested in seeing these members of my family. After all, there is nothing to connect the viewer to the photograph. Pictures of nature are fairly universal. Same goes for wildlife and such. But family pics seem somehow different. While we all have families I don’t think we connect as readily to photographs of strangers unless they are intended as such (like the street photography found at I Didn’t Mean to Go to Stoke).

Aunt Karen at Grandma's (3)

Regardless of the ‘feeling’ that I have that I shouldn’t upload these pictures, I have done so anyway. And I can think of two reasons why I wish to do so: (1) I’m actually proud of these pics because almost all of them involved the use of flash and I think I did a pretty decent job considering my lack of flash-photography knowledge or skill, and (2) because I didn’t grow up knowing most of these people (my father excluded). Not to go into a long story about family relations, let’s just say I didn’t grow up seeing these folks and knowing them as family until much more recently in my adult life. I’m very happy to get to know them now and I want everyone to know such.

Dad at Grandma's (2)


7 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Yeah, I know exactly where you’re coming from on this. Whilst I’ll quite happily comment on pics (on Flickr photostreams, be it those of contacts or indeed anyone else’s) of “stuff”, I tend to avoid commenting on shots that clearly feature folk known to the photographer.

    Part of it is that I can’t relate to those people, but another (and quite significant) part is cos it strikes me that such pics are “personal” and comments from relative strangers may be construed as inappropriate. Consequently I tend to bypass pics such as those and pay far more attention to the more “impersonal” ones.

    That said, I see no reason why you shouldn’t upload such pics to your stream. In fact, my understanding is that “personal stuff” was a large part of the rationale behind Flickr in the first place.
    Also, in some curious sense, for the visitor to a photostream it provides a sort of “personal background” to the photographer… revealing their “humanity” sorta thing.

    And though I wouldn’t therefore normally comment on the pics in this post I will however say that I reckon they’re pretty good.


  2. I think your family pics are very good. I am glad you chose to upload them. I like to see family pics of friends. Of those you uploaded the other day, I was trying to decide if you looked like your dad or perhaps another family member. Not yet seeing your mom, I have to say, yeah you look like your dad.

  3. nice photos! i never think of putting family shots on flickr, either. but that’s all buzzy puts on hers.

    i’m still learning how to work my 580 ex. how did you have your flash set for these photos?

  4. Well goodbear I simply turned on the flash unit, set the camera to full automatic and pressed the shutter release.

    I have not yet tried to explore the full measure of the flash unit’s abilities. But the camera’s built in flash is the typical sort that over exposes everything.

    My only technique for getting better, more natural looking pictures, is to bounce the flash unit off a ceiling…a wall…whatever. Oh, and sometimes decrease its output.

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