Gone, but not forgotten

Just a note to say that it is highly likely I will be away from WP and Flickr for about a week. Off to visit my parents in North Carolina as they make their annual pilgrimage to the mountains.

There likely isn’t any Internet access in the cabin so getting online becomes a rather futile gesture. In the meantime you’ll just have to make do with me in this medium.



3 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten

  1. Ah… clearly what you need is one of those web’n’walk dongle thingies. Real handy for when you’re on the move.


    And nice pic. Oddly, seems to look better here than on Flickr. Must be something to do with the dark background (oh how I wish Flickr would implement skin customisation so we could set a dark background on our ‘streams if we wanted!).

  2. Hey….I’ve got your ‘dongle’ thingy right here!

    I completely agree regarding the change in appearance of this image compared to Flickr. I also agree that it would be great if Flickr would let us customize our page backgrounds. I guess they don’t bother because folks can look at the images in slideshow. Still….seems pretty silly.

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