Back, but forgotten anyway

If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.  


It’s a mantra that fits my life in so many ways and has done so for so many years.

I am not in North Carolina as many of you already know if you read the e-mail I sent to you, my most regular readers and friends.  My previously fault-less car acted up not more than thirty-minutes from home, while on my way to North Carolina.  Not willing to risk a 9-hour, 500-mile drive to a car exhibiting odd behaviour I turned around and visited my dealership.  

Bottom-line:  a problem showed on the computer, but they couldn’t replicate it.  I’m not willing to risk such a long drive without knowing what is the issue and whether or not it may repeat, especially seeing how the issue was a cylinder misfiring and I was heading into the mountains.  As such I am currently missing the wind and snow falling around the mountain top where my parents are currently hiding…in their cabin.  

Life sucks.

Oh, and no pictures from North Carolina, which REALLY sucks considering how much time it took to pack my camera kit!!


2 thoughts on “Back, but forgotten anyway

  1. I know I really should commiserate. And honestly, I would… if it didn’t strike me as so damn funny!

    Well, look on the bright side… think of all that fuel you’ve saved!


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