On settings and sunlight

The other day I took to the great outdoors to snap some pictures. I had two stops planned: a local cemetery (with some local Flickr mates) and some sunset shots through trees at a spot not far from my house. While sitting at the cemetery waiting for the others to arrive I spent a few minutes on the phone with my local camera shop guy, Alex. He suggested that while I was out shooting, Autumnal colours in part, I might want to play and experiment with the monochrome setting built into my Canon 40D. Furthermore he suggested I mix things up a bit with the various filter and tone settings within the monochrome set-up.


Don’t get me wrong…..I like experimentation. But I usually prefer experimentation to come with a bit of fore-knowledge. You know…some sense that I have a partial idea of what the hell I’m doing with the various settings, etc. and what will be the outcome of such experimentation. This is because when you don’t know what the devil you’re doing one winds up with things like this


which is a monochromatic picture that is…..well…..monochromatic. Exciting stuff, eh? Maybe colour makes more sense in this situation anyway?


I haven’t yet had time to go through my much more numerous images from the cemetery shoot, but I have looked at them as off-camera JPEGs just to have an idea of what I have for my efforts. During the course of my perusal I discovered something unusual: I had more pictures I wanted to KEEP than I wanted to toss.


Is this possible? How could this be? Who are you and what happened to the real Mark? Yeah, really and truly strange. I don’t yet know what this means either. I don’t know if it means I really need to go through them more carefully and then I will find plenty more to discard or if this could possibly mean I actually took more care of what and when I actually snapped the shutter release. Or maybe it’s a bit of both?

Perish the thought mind you. We cannot have this sort of thing, now can we?


9 thoughts on “On settings and sunlight

  1. I like them. The monochrome setting on the camera is fun to use occasionally. My old camera had a sepia setting. I’m not into deep sepia tones anymore. Don’t get me wrong, a little sepia is good, but when the photo looks yellow? Not so much!

  2. Oh yeah, that’s it. Thanks Mike. I feel soooooo much better now.


    I used the Sepia tone in the monochromatic set-up for one picture in the cemetery (or maybe it was two?) and I think it may have turned out nicely. At least it appeared to be nice on the camera’s LCD screen. We’ll just have to wait & see though!

  3. You know me… always ready to help out with the consoling remark and a friendly pat on the shoulder.

    Hmm… or do I mean snide comment and knife in the back?



  4. Great photos of the sunset. It is usually hard to shoot because of the position of the sun. I love experimenting with different setting on cameras. I find that as one of the best ways to learn (my dad does not agree with me.)

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