On black…..

A few minutes ago I was busy uploading some image files to Flickr and when the upload was complete I elected to add descriptions, etc. as do most folks. When the web page for doing such opened I was immediately struck by how underwhelming my images looked.

“Odd,” I thought. “These looked pretty snazzy in the editing software. I wonder what’s wrong?” and no sooner had the idea burst across my synapses in a wave of electro-chemical wonder I realized the problem: the images are being shown against a light blue background on a white web page.


Look at this image here:


Against a black background this image has some impact, but when I view it within my photostream on Flickr, against a white background, it loses something. And I think it’s something important.

I will often view other folks photostreams in the slide-show manner just so that I can take advantage of the black background, but it does make me wonder why Flickr doesn’t offer users (especially paying members) the option to have their pages all set with black backgrounds and white text. I guess I really hadn’t thought much about it regarding my own pictures, but as time has gone by since I started this endeavor I have become more conscious of how my images look upon the computer monitor when viewed in Flickr and I must say I don’t like the white background at all.

No. Not at all.


10 thoughts on “On black…..

  1. Oh how I hate you… cos once again it seems we’re in agreement! We’re really gonna have to stop doing this y’know.
    For ages I’ve been moaning about the fact that Flickr doesn’t have a skinning facility for a user’s photostream… a black or at least dark grey background would make a helluva difference.

    And you’re right… this pic looks so much better on a black background.

  2. Ok, so we’re all in agreement then. Perhaps we should solicit opinion from all our various Flickr contacts and, if they agree too, maybe we could offer some sort of collective suggestion to Flickr management.

    Whaddya think?

  3. Also, too, by the way, I am another aficionado of cemetery photo shoots. It marries the archeologist and artist in me.

    I’ve been known to abruptly drive off the road when I spot an intriguing burial ground.

  4. This brings me back to my high school photo years when we would spend a certain amout of time deciding if the photo looked good mounted on black or white. Most of the time it was white (that’s what our teacher wanted) but I perfer black.

  5. kbassler: keep driving off the road when you see a burial ground and you’ll end up in one, one day!

    maggie: I won’t go so far to say that all pics look better against the black background, but I think it depends greatly upon the proportion of the picture to the size of the background. The larger the picture to the white background the less I object, with the opposite scenario generating much anguish. I guess it’s because I feel the large white background (when compared to small image) draws the eye towards it (the background) instead of the image in question.

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