Now no subject is safe from me!

I have in the past recounted my disappointment with having missed what I thought may have been a super picture only because I was lacking access to a camera at that moment. This situation was almost entirely the domain of being inside my car, driving about town, and coming across a particularly lovely sunset, some autumn color, whatever. And it was annoying to no end. I had even considered, if only for 0.0002 seconds, the notion of keeping my camera in the car or taking it with me all the time, but this simply wasn’t reasonable. It’s a fairly expensive bit of kit and I had and maintain serious reservations about keeping such stuff in the car and unattended.

I had been keeping my digital point-n-shoot with me, but the pictures I took, by and large, were insufficient in quality (technical quality mostly) for posting. Yeah, they were pretty much crap. So I started to think about acquiring another camera, something inexpensive, that I could keep in the car at all times. And thus began the process of searching for the appropriate camera.

Say hello to my new camera.


So how did I wind up with a Canon Rebel XTi when I had been reading about the Canon G10, the Sigma DP1 and DP2, as well as the Leica D-Lux 4? It is true that I had been reading reviews of and specs for the afore-mentioned cameras. And they were, for the most part, my front-runners, but with reservations, which I will not go into here for the sake of brevity. However, it was the G10 that led me to the XTi.

I was visiting my local camera shop about two-weeks ago and having a great time chatting with my local camera shop guy, Alex. I mentioned to Alex that I had been looking at procuring an inexpensive camera to be kept in the car and further mentioned my interest in the Canon G10, which his story carried. He pulled it down and I fiddled with it, while we talked about it (the G10) as well as my other choices. At some time he looked at me more seriously than usual and said something like, “Hey, I have something you may be interested in. I have a Rebel XTi, which needs to have a minor repair made to the compact flash card pins, but I really don’t have the money to fix it and I really don’t need the camera any longer. Would you be interested in purchasing the camera after the repair?” I replied in the affirmative depending upon the price and he quoted one which was more than fair in my opinion. It was far cheaper than acquiring any of the other cameras and also had the additional benefits of being compatible with my current set of lenses and flash as well as having a far more useful ISO range than any of the other choices.

So…..repairs were made, a camera was shipped and I’m now the proud owner of a compact, entry-level dSLR that will find its home in my car and be ready for any given situation which I may come across. Isn’t it so cute with it’s big brother?
XTi and Big Brother 40D

Finally, I also purchased my first photography specific tripod about a month ago: a Manfrotto tripod with Manfrotto ball head.


I confess that “Manfrotto” sounds an awful lot like a character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but that’s okay. It’s nothing special in the great scheme of things…it’s not made of titanium, carbon fibre or thermo-plastic, but I decided I couldn’t afford those options. And in the end the carbon fibre version from Manfrotto only shaved off one-half of a pound in weight and that seemed like an awful little weight savings for twice the price. But it does have one neat trick up it’s sleeve:


The vertical tube can be pulled up and then turned to the horizontal. In conjunction with the ball head it should make macro/close-up photography a real breeze and I have already played with this feature enough to feel it will work well in this particular endeavor. It is the first time I’ve used a ball head and it felt a bit weird at first, but the more I use it the more I like it. It’s so quick and easy to swing the camera into any position: twist the knob to loosen, set the camera, twist back the knob. Done!

So… equipment….some nice portraits of the daughter….now I just need inspiration and opportunity, which I suppose I can create myself. Things are looking pretty good right now.

I must have a brain tumor.


16 thoughts on “Now no subject is safe from me!

  1. sorry about the brain tumor, but great news about the new camera.
    maybe it isn’t a tumor, maybe it’s just life being good?

    so, i think you need one of these omni bounces. ( i have one for my 580 ex and i love it love it LOVE it! and it’s super cheap.
    thinks are a bunch less shiny and it’s fun to bounce.

    i always thought manfrotto sounded sci-fi/fantasy, as well!

  2. Hey goodbear! I too have an omni bounce, but it doesn’t quite fit my 580EX II. A bit too small and I haven’t found a suitable way to attach it that isn’t awkward and clumsy.

  3. Hmm… second camera, tripod, pictures thereof. Why does this all seem so familiar to me I wonder?


    Hope you enjoy the new kit. Oddly enough only last week I was looking at a mate’s tripod that has a ball head. Not a Manfrotto though… Benbo (?) I think. I’m not at all sure I’d get on well with it at all, but he rates it highly for certain types of shot.

  4. I still only have ONE digi camera. However, after Christmas, I expect to have a few more at my disposal. πŸ˜›

    I do have my old film camera. I don’t have patience for film.

  5. fotdmike: I figured that you would like the occasional opportunity to blast me for having 9 cameras, 16 tripods, 47 photo editing software suites and a partridge in a pear tree, while STILL not being able to take a decent photograph to save my life! Gotta say I was a hard sell on the ball head, but now that I’ve used it I’m much more pleased than I ever expected. May not be the better solution for macro work, but seeing how I’m not doing that……(at least not yet)

    tam: join the dark side…buy more stuff than you need or can use….keep the wheels of commerce turning….oh baby, baby, baby……

    Tosh…film is for art school students πŸ˜‰

  6. …and for folk that still think computers will never catch on!

    Yeah… and what about the huge mansion and the 58 lenses and the… oh, you’ve got so much stuff I just can’t keep track.

    And what’s all this about taking decent photographs? Is that what we’re meant to be doing? Oh well, count me out for a start.


  7. That’s 62 lenses…..don’t be selling me short buddy boy!

    One has to maintain a mansion if one wants to keep 14 cameras, 22 tripods, 53 photo editing software suites, 62 lenses, 17 light boxes, 419 back drops AND a partridge in a pear tree. ( I did some purchasing today….that’s why the numbers are up )

    Count you out? We were counting on you to show us the way to greatness! What on Earth are we to do now????

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