I had a dream….

Here in the States we just celebrated the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Never mind its origins, it’s mostly about eating a lot of food, hanging out with family and/or friends and for some watching American football on the telly.

This year, like last, we were scheduled to enjoy some time and food with our neighbors Sandi, Bruce and their two young daughters. Sandi puts on a really nice spread and is a most excellent cook and hostess. I was, again and like last year, looking very much forward to the feast and company. But there was more…I was also looking forward to snapping pics of the event. Some pics of the folks enjoying themselves. Some others of the food. And I was hoping to do some nice pics of the spread upon the table….glistening glassware, sparkling wine, moist turkey and the like. Lots of nice closeups with plenty of soft bokeh. Yeah. I had some plans.

But then I got sick.

I had a minor head cold brewing all week, but assumed that since it hadn’t taken a turn for the worse that it would, like so many others in the past, just go away on its own. Nope. Instead it turned into a full-on head cold. I’m so stuffed up that my face and teeth hurt. I’m not sleeping well at all. And don’t get me going about the stuff coming out of my nose. Ewww.

So I was expecting a lovely Thanksgiving feast with great neighbors, wonderful conversation and a lovely opportunity to take pictures, but instead I got the Spanish Inquisition and no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.


7 thoughts on “I had a dream….

  1. Same here, but mine is just starting. I was able to spend Thanksgiving with family, as well as attend the party the night before. So, here I sit today ingesting copious amounts of Vitamin C, herbs and lots of liquid. I took a B12 earlier too…which made me feel a bit better.

    I am sorry you were not able to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Four? Factor in my father in Florida and now my wife (I’m nothing if not giving!), that’s at least six.

    Yes, Kym….my wife and the hostess were kind enough to set me up with leftovers. Very yummy leftovers at that.

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