“I was cured all right.”

A mere ten days after first being laid low by a simple head cold I am finally beginning to feel human again. It is amazing what three nights of real sleep can do for a person feeling as horribly as have I of late. But what does all this mean photography-wise? After all, that is what this personal blog is supposed to be about. Not me discussing illness, etc. No sir.

What it all means photography-wise is that there has been no photography of late. My camera kit sits in the family room, untouched. Un-cared for. And, of course, this all comes right after I purchased the used Canon Rebel for permanent assignment in the car. Didn’t I say something in a previous and recent posting about how things were going well and that it must mean I have brain cancer……….okay, so it was only a head cold, but it’s been the head cold from hell. Lost my voice for days. Couldn’t sleep to save my life. Stuff coming out of my body that was clearly other worldly. Again, photography was not a priority.

But I’m on the mend and have my hand in a few projects and such, which I will be sharing with you, my most precious readers, in the very near future. As such, please remain patient and all shall be revealed.


8 thoughts on ““I was cured all right.”

  1. Hmm… so you’re back. I dunno. All that fuss over a simple head cold. I feel I should say something sympathetic and understanding… but somehow I jast can’t bring myself to do it. You know what its like


  2. HAHA!

    Glad you are feeling better. And why the heck are my comments awaiting moderation? Did you decide to ban me while I was away? dang, i leave for 4 days…

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