4 a.m. Northside, Clapham Common

Okay….it’s really rather embarrassing. Silly even. But I can’t help but be just a smidgen proud and excited.


Our local grocer, Kroger, has a small photo printing department. One wouldn’t think that the local grocer would get much business in this manner, but the area is always busy with customers. I guess getting your digital images printed while one completes the grocery shopping isn’t such a bad deal. I know I’ve passed the photo printing area a couple of hundred times in the past two years, but never thought too much about it since I can print my images at home if I elect to do so. But doing so is pricey compared to having it done at a shop, so I elected to try their service about two weeks ago.

While the store clerk printed my images I completed my short list of shopping and returned to collect my images. As I stood reviewing the handful I had printed the clerk commented on how nice some of them were, for which I thanked him. He then asked if I was aware of the Photo of the Week competition they had in the store, to which I replied “No.” Apparently anyone who brings in an image or images for printing can enter the competition. All one needs to do is print a 4X6-inch picture and complete a small form. All the pictures entered each week are put before a panel of employees for the purpose of selecting the Picture of the Week. Seemed reasonable enough for me so I entered my dragonfly picture, which, oddly enough, wasn’t my favourite of the ones I had printed, but I thought it might appeal to others.

When I returned to the store yesterday I swung by the photo printing department (which is by one of the two main entrances) expecting the usual: disappointment. Instead I found my picture, now an 8×10-inch print, proudly displayed as Picture of the Week!

Ok. Sure…..it’s my local grocery store. And it’s hardly like it was selected by a crack panel of photography professionals or experts, but it makes me feel really great never-the-less. I have had precious little in my life over the past four-years to make me feel good about myself. It’s been rather rough and as such I’ll take even the smallest of victories I can find.


13 thoughts on “4 a.m. Northside, Clapham Common

  1. Oh stop it! Revel! Do the happy dance! You did great and you deserve it. HURRAH! Your photos are good. I’m glad you are getting some recognition (but I vote for those of your daughter in the leaves. The dragonfly is good. Your daughter’s photos…excellent!)

  2. Thanks all – your support and kind words are quite welcome.

    Regarding the snow…..it’s a setting in your dashboard. Look for the Appearance link and then Extras. There is a checkbox for the snow, which will only fall through sometime in early January if memory serves.

  3. Yep, congratulations are definitely in order. Think you’ve got every right to be pleased about it.
    A question though… its not really occurred to me to do that with mine. What’s your reasoning?

    And on a matter totally unrelated… yeah, I saw the WP info about the dandruff checkbox as well. Was a bit tempted but then decided against it on the grounds of it being a bit too twee. But now I’ve seen it in action I’ve gotta say its not too bad at all.

  4. Thanks Mike and Stiletto.

    Reasoning: like a waiter working in a posh Hollywood restaurant I’m hoping I’ll get noticed and whisked away into the warm bosom of professional dragonfly photographer. Or dragonfly photographer to the stars. Or something along those lines. I’ve got nothing better to do……

    I don’t know Stiletto……dreaming of winning a Tony is pretty cool! In your dream you actually get a statue….I only got my name on a piece of paper.

  5. Stupid me, I didn’t clarify what I was questioning! I knew what I meant though!


    Anyway, I wasn’t asking why you entered the competition, but why you print your pics?

  6. Thanks Maggie! Your post hit while I was replying to Mike’s and Stiletto’s, so I didn’t include you on my previous thank you.

    Fotdmike: I don’t print all of my pics. Actually I print very few thus far. I typically print some pics to send to my grandmother (who doesn’t have a computer). I also print those that my wife likes so she can take them to work and put them up. I’ve also purchased a number of picture frames of late so that I can print my favs, frame them, and hang them in the house.

    I’m happy enough with some of my work that I want to see them on the walls. Seems reasonable enough considering how much pain, anguish and heartache the rest of the rubbish I shoot causes me.

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