“They’ll seduce your heart and then they’ll slap your arse”

To a new reader, who takes the time to read through my myriad of postings, a clear picture will emerge. Yes. A picture of quiet desperation. Well….maybe not too quiet, but certainly of desperation.

I have taken something of a mental and emotional journey with this foray into photography as a more serious hobby. I have experienced many a low moment, but also been lucky enough to partake in glorious and precious moments when all seems right in my photography-world. And while I vacillate wildly, depending upon my mood and the day, regarding my abilities in this endeavor, there is one thing that has been constant: comradery.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the Internet-enabled companionship of a number of parties over the past year between WordPress and Flickr. Many of these various contacts are quite cursory, but some have developed in ways such that we exchange e-mails and the sort outside of Flickr and WordPress. All-in-all it is a wonderful little electronically-based world in which to live.

But on occasion something special happens. Something outside the normal course of give-and-receive commentary upon our blog postings and Flickr uploads. On occasion a person goes the extra mile and does something out of the ordinary: they give of themselves. Don’t get me wrong. All the folks with whom I regularly share comments, e-mails, etc. are wonderful, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with them. But this time a particular contact did more.

On a few occasions he held my hand (electronically speaking, of course) and talked me down from the roof, so to speak. He showed me how I was being being self-defeating (a trait that has taken firm grip of my psyche over the past two or so years) and how pointless and unnecessary it was. For these things I was very much grateful and I have endeavored to put into place more positive thinking based upon his insights and kind words.

Not too long ago on his Flickr site, he made mention of how he would be putting away the camera for a while as winter set in and he had no desire to shoot out of doors. He further mentioned the idea of creating a poster (of sorts) of some of his photographs, but he seemed to dismiss the idea as too much work. I recall replying along the lines of “What else have you got to do for the winter?” Next thing I know there is a poster on his Flickr site. But it’s better than just that…..he’s had a handful printed (for himself and family) and wanted to send me one as well!

And so he did. And so it is now hung up in a prominent location.


I purchased the frame today (and not some cheap poster-type frame) and then set about to determining where best to place said poster. I wanted it to be someplace where I would see it often, throughout the day, so that I might be inspired by it because there is a particular meaning between Natural Light and I in this matter. At first I contemplated the bedroom, but quickly realized that I spend no real time there, save to sleep, which would make viewing it and subsequently being inspired by it rather difficult. I then considered my small office space, but that too is a place where I keep my head down and otherwise do not tread. The basement? I do spend time down there processing pictures on the desktop PC, but other than that…..(and, again, my head is down and I’m otherwise preoccupied). So where? And then it struck me. The ground floor hallway!


I pass through the hallway multiple times each day and there is no direct sunlight such that might fade the poster. I find this to be the perfect repository for this lovely piece of inspiration. I can’t thank Natural Light enough for this incredible gesture. While I cannot promise that I won’t yet again have those bad days, I can promise that I will always endeavor to keep in mind your thoughtful and encouraging words.

(Let me apologize for the image quality of the photos….I took these with my digital point-n-shoot and it didn’t like the lowish light conditions, but I didn’t want to use flash (for all the obvious reasons). As such, I bumped up the ISO to 400, which is always noisy with p&s cameras.)


3 thoughts on ““They’ll seduce your heart and then they’ll slap your arse”

  1. It’s a wonderful gift!! I too recently acquired a photography related gift from an online friend. It’s nice to receive such wonderful gifts…really makes one feel quite special. 🙂

    And you should listen to John! You CAN do it. Do not be so self defeating. Your photos are very good.

  2. What a great gift, and a perfectly suitable place for it.

    And, as Tam says, keep taking the photos, I’ve been following your stream a long time (as internet time goes) and you’re taking some awesome shots.

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