“This is the last song I will every sing”

For those of you who don’t already know and for those of you who do, consider this a gentle reminder…

I’m not home right now. This means I’m somewhere other than home. Oddly enough I’m home though.

See, I’m not at my home, but at my parent’s home, which used to be my home, so I’m sort-of home, but not really home. But I’m home.


Anywho……I’m down in Florida to spend the week as my sister, my rather pregnant sister (triplets if you must know), is having her baby shower, etc. Here is my mother and sister (pic taken 2008/11/26 when she was about 20-weeks preggers)

Mom & Sis-Flickr

I have brought my camera and I’m pretty certain I will take some pictures, but I haven’t decided to what extent I wish to annoy everyone. I’d love to capture the moments, but I’d also like to partake of them and this is always the problem for the shutterbug in the family: to take pictures or to not and therefore be more involved in what is going on around them. Hopefully I will find some happy middle-ground.

In the mean time it is rather unlikely that I will be posting here, on WP, or on Flickr, so you will just have to get on without me for a week or so. Try not to take it so hard.


3 thoughts on ““This is the last song I will every sing”

  1. Aha… “while the cat’s away…”

    I wonder what we can get up to now. Oh joy!


    Have a great time… and yes, we’ll definitely be expecting some pics on your return.

  2. Hey forkboy’s mom and sis! Wow, she looks great for carrying three…dang, I looked that way at 20 weeks and I only carried one at a time. 😉

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