When a plan comes together

It is quite rare indeed when a plan I make comes together and yields results. And yet it actually happened two weekends ago when I made a trip to a local park in hopes of catching sledders enjoying the bountiful snow we had recently received.


I had heard that this particular park, Hills and Dales MetroPark, had some good sledding hills and this was true. I had dropped by on a different day during the week, but there was no one sledding at that time. As such I made a mental note to return on a weekend, whereby there might be at least a few folks braving the cold to enjoy some high speed excitement. It worked out quite well as my wife and I had need to visit a shop located very near the Hills and Dales MetroPark and my wife was kind enough to give me some latitude on spending time on the hills while she remained safe and warm in the car.


There were plenty of folks enjoying themselves and no one seemed bothered in the least by my presence. I snapped a lot of pictures, but not all came out. The highly reflective snow played tricks with metering and focusing on sledders as they whizzed by was difficult for both me (manually) as well as the camera (automatically), but I had enough good shots to consider the trip a complete success.


Heck, this little adventure fit in quite well with my group’s selection of the month so I was able to satisfy both my general desire for this photo shoot as well as my needs for the group project, which is a real win-win if you ask me.


9 thoughts on “When a plan comes together

  1. Just been checking out the sledding shots on Flickr. Great set with some excellent pics, though I was rather hoping to see one or two with some motion blur to the sledders. Did you have a go at anything like that?

    Also noticed you get weird coloured snow too. I’m now beginning to wonder whether truly white snow actually exists, or is it all just a figment of imagination? Or p’raps the Great Tweaker in the Sky’s having a few off days.


  2. Good shots. I’m impressed with snow spraying up in the first and yet no blur.

    The mattress sledding looks like a blast. I want to try that (only not the carrying it up the hill part!)

  3. Thanks all. I’ve seen the mattress done before, in Chicago, but it went much better there than here.

    @fotdmike: yes, I did try some motion-oriented shots, but none came out. They were almost always out-of-focus. Focusing was difficult enough, but seemed to be made even more more difficult while panning the camera and such. More practice is in order I think.

    And rest assured that the snow didn’t look white while I was there. It definitely reflected the general grey of the afternoon cloud cover.

  4. Um… postscript to last: Think we might be talking at cross-purposes here. When I was talkling about “motion blur to the sledders” that’s what I meant, not with the sledders in focus and the background blurred.

  5. No, I understood what you meant. I should have added with the lens I was using there was little opportunity to work with blurred subjects (blurred via motion). My field of view on the lens in question was to narrow to allow me to capture the subject in motion, with requisite blur. By the time I pressed the shutter release the subject was well on its way and thus made capturing blur more difficult.

    I did try, but it didn’t work as well as I had thought it would.

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