“We were never being bored”

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted much in the way of pictures of late. For some of you I imagine this comes as great relief, while others are probably beside themselves without a regular photographic fix from the ol Forkboy needle of imagery. Well fear not my friends……tie yourself off and prepare to be bedazzled……..


I know…..it’s a cat. Not precisely the subject some of you (who, for a switch, shall go nameless) get excited about, but I do. They are our children in no small way and when they are being nice, polite and quiet I find photographing them almost uncontrollable. However, the dearth of pictures of them of late should clue you in as to how nice, polite and quiet they have been……of late. The day I took this picture (as well as one of Maggie, which you’ll just have to see on my Flickr account) I couldn’t help myself as I just love the sofa/couch in the t.v. room. It has just fantastic colours and the cats look so good sitting or laying on or near the damn thing.

Maybe some of you recall the self-portrait thing I did for the 16-Things About Yourself bit a few weeks back. Well, I know at least one of you remembers it (wink-wink)……anyway…..from that same shoot I took a few pictures of myself, trying to work at the table, while our cat Aries decided it was far more important for him to park his ass on the table and demand homage from father as evidenced below:


Aries has this tendency to hate it when folks are paying attention to anything other than him, but this characteristic is magnified quite strongly when there is a computer/laptop involved. I don’t know why and the little shit won’t tell us. Never-the-less it tends to lead to conversations centered around sentences like “Get your ass down!” or “What are you doing?” or “Where were you twenty minutes ago when I wasn’t doing a damned thing?”

At the end of February I had need for another picture for the group project’s theme, Speed, and had journeyed to a local spot where I thought I might capture some good fast-moving train shots (which we all know didn’t quite turn out that way). While I stood about waiting for a train to come by there were two young lads enjoying some of the bike trail (paved) for the purpose of skateboarding. One was doing stunts at the top of the hill (located under a roadway overpass), while the other had brought his long-board for the purpose of “bombing” the hill.

The “bombing” guy (Chad, as I would later learn) stopped and asked if I were a professional photographer, which I thought was so nice to hear. Laughable, but nice regardless. Then again, I must have looked quite impressive out there with my fancy Manfrotto tripod, Canon 40D and Canon 70-200mm f/4L USM IS lens. Yeah, it was impressive looking no doubt.

I told him that I was just some “bozo” amateur out to grab a few pics of a passing train for a project. Satisfied with my response he turned to walk away, but turned back and asked if I might be interested in shooting some pics of him skateboarding the trail. “Interesting?” thought I, but I wasn’t certain how I felt about it after my attempts at shooting moving targets in the way of sledders on snow-covered hills. I told him I’d think about it and quickly realized I was just being stupid (surprise!) and told him I’d give it a go.


Apparently he is involved in some skateboarding magazine (I’m still not certain if it’s online or print) and said that if anything good came of the shoot he’d be glad to get them published with full credit. Aces! Of course I didn’t think anything useful would come of this particular venture, but in the end I am pleased to announce that there were a handful of pics that turned out reasonably well.

But the best part was that I learned something about my camera. Of course, I learned about it after the shoot, but I think it will help in future shots like this and I have made it clear to Chad that I’d like to try this again. We are, at this moment, trying to hook up so that I can snap a few pics and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be even better this time round.


11 thoughts on ““We were never being bored”

  1. i love all the shots!
    your cats are total loves! pic 1 is so comforting. pic 2 is just cute and funny and so relate-able!
    and 3. i love this action shot. great job!!!

    now, are you going to tell us what you learned? can’t we other canon owners benefit from your experience?

  2. Thanks ladies.

    @goodbear: while I was actually shooting the skateboarding shots I completely forgot that there is a setting on my 40D that allows the camera to change focus points as it follows a moving target; like a skateboarder. In the back of my head this idea was rummaging around, but it wasn’t until I got home, looked over the pics (finding plenty out of focus as the guys moved about), and then pulled out the ol’ owner’s manual. Suddenly light goes on and now I’m psyched to try again – may be trying tomorrow with Chad.

  3. ‘Aries has this tendency to hate it when folks are paying attention to anything other than him, but this characteristic is magnified quite strongly when there is a computer/laptop involved. I don’t know why and the little shit won’t tell us’

    Threaten to withhold his food. BTW, my cat gets competitive with the telephone.

  4. I’ll try that B-Barbie! Of course that just means I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with him chewing on my arm.

    The phone? That’s a new one…

  5. I enjoyed the cat’s cranky face. Mine sneers just like that only in black instead of peaches and cream.

    I’m envious of your photos of moving people. I keep trying to take photos of martial artists in motion with sad results.

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