I don’t yet know what it means….

So……I’m now the heir apparent to being an Apple fanboy.

Mac Attack!

I don’t yet know what this means. It is rather intimidating in its 24-inch, 2.93GHz dual-core, 640GB hard drive glory. It is, in part, symptomatic of our usual five-year update plan for our main home desktop computing device. But this year, unlike years past, I opted to not build nor buy a Wintel device, but to go Mac.

In no small part the decision was based upon the regular and frequent barrage of information about how photographers love Mac products. Well I guess I’ll find out, eh?

This also means that this particular blog will now also encompass some new dynamics; mainly and general that of my sojourn into the world of Mac computing and specifically how it impacts my photography thing.

In the mean time…….suck it Windoze users!


9 thoughts on “I don’t yet know what it means….

  1. I still have my very wonderful home built PC running XP Pro. I’m going to install two new hard drives (my current 2 x 120GB are almost completely full) and add another gig of RAM and that should keep it running just fine for another 5-years.

    I really have so many things on there and I’m pretty confident that many do not have Mac equivalents. Besides….I have plans for this Mac! Photography-related plans!!

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