For the benefit of Mr. Chuff

Whenever I’m in a thinking mood, which really isn’t very often after all, I try to “see” things that I think my fellow Flickrites might enjoy seeing. I concede that this paying attention thing hasn’t exactly paid off in spades for anyone other than trainmanchuff. And so it was a few weeks back when I was down in Dayton for a photography convention. After leaving the convention I grabbed my car-camera (the Canon Rebel XTi or 400D for you Euro-trash types) and did a walkabout of the city and snapped no small handful of pics, which I have yet to look through or process. Until today.


Chuff has made noise in the past about Dayton’s electric trolley bus system, so I thought I’d grab a few pics of them in action to help satisfy his pagan lust for all things bus and train related. But speaking of pagan lusts…


Apparently Chuff has this ‘thing’ for hi-viz wear. You know…the sort you find rail workers wearing. Or construction workers. Constables. I’m seeing a pattern here, but I shall not elaborate.

Hope you enjoy the pics Chuff!

(p.s. these pics were processed using a trial download of the software I typically use on my desktop PC, but done instead on my iMac. very exciting stuff you know)


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