Creative juices flowing…but it makes for a messy keyboard

Neither Flickr nor WordPress (at least this particular WordPress blog of mine) have seen much action since May. I spoke to such about a month ago here, on this WP blog, but haven’t returned as I still continued to feel uninspired. Uninspired to photograph or go through the hundreds of pics I already had loaded onto the iMac, but hadn’t yet viewed, etc.

But today, while putting together my contribution for the month of July’s group project, I suddenly felt…well…inspired. Okay. Maybe inspired is too strong a word, but I felt something akin to pleasure and/or happiness as I puttered around with my pictures; first in Lightroom and then in Elements. Yep. I used BOTH Lightroom and Elements. Unheard of for me, which you would already know if you have followed my blog for any period of time.

So I’m hoping this means I’m ready to return. Maybe not to jump in with both feet, but maybe to drop a toe or two into the waters that are photography and see what comes of it all.

Here’s to getting my toes wet!