Lights! Camera! Shit!

Never let it be said bad timing isn’t my friend…because it is.

While driving this morning on an errand, I was taken aback by how lovely were the reflections of the recently installed street lamps, as well as the red lights of the traffic signals, upon the rain-slicked road as it stretched out before me.

As I came closer to the intersection I decided the view was too much to pass up without breaking out the always-at-the-ready Canon Rebel XTi/400D. I turned round the car, drove back about a half-mile, turned back around and pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. I pulled the camera bag up to the front street, broke out the camera and began fiddling with the settings to make the most of this cloudy and raining morning.

ISO? 400. White balance? Cloudy. Auto-focus? On. Focus point(s)? All. Aperture? 7.1. Ready!

I checked my mirrors for vehicles coming up behind me and with the all-clear noted I vacated my vehicle and found myself standing in the gently falling rain. About to venture into the oft busy two lane road (so that I might have a nicely centered shot) I look in the direction of the beautifully reflected lights when click:

The street lamps cycled off.


I can only imagine how bizarre I must have appeared to those folks driving by as I stood next to my car, facing the direction of the formerly lovely scene, yelling obscenities at the lights.


9 thoughts on “Lights! Camera! Shit!

  1. HA HA HA HA… i am sorry to laugh so hard (because I am really laughing very hard right now…my head hurts from laughing…er…anyway) at your misfortune but I can definitely relate.

    I am proud to read that you were standing in gently falling rain. I love to take pics while standing in the rain

    Oh well, i applaud your attempt. Better luck next time. πŸ™‚

  2. Heh heh (or rather, uncontrollable fit of the giggles). Super. That’s exactly the sort of luck Darren tends to have.
    And as Tam says, better luck next time. πŸ˜‰

  3. It is clear that to get folks attention on the Internet (even as far away as New Zealand) one must use the word “shit”.

    But thanks for coming round everyone! It is, I think, a funny story, but it sure wasn’t at the moment!

    • *waves HI from New Zealand* The thing that most amused me about your post, is that if it had been me there in the same situation, I ABSOLUTELY would have stood there and yelled abuse at the lights after they went out.

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