Photography and Companionship

Just finished reading this blog posting by a friend (I hope that’s not too strong a word Mike). It’s a great story about his adventures with his (best) mate while out taking photographs in fields and such near his home.

He and his mates adventures in photography are often the subject of postings. Over the time I’ve read them I’ve realized how wonderful they sound. They very much remind me of the time I spent with my best mate, George, when we would head out and about. Granted, we didn’t share a thing for photography so that wasn’t a focal point for us, but the comradeship is the same. I miss George. If only he would move here…


I confess to being jealous. I want a friend with whom to run amok and do photography things. Even artsy things would be okay (as we know Mike enjoys such). Alas, I haven’t had much luck in the manner of making friends here in Ohio. Perhaps it is because one of the more typical manners by which we meet and make friends is through work. When you’re unemployed those opportunities do not occur. All I know is that I find myself smiling in a knowing way when I read the tales of Mike and mate. They so remind me of great times with my best friend, sans the camera of course.

Dreaming About Photography

Sound asleep last night while the brain went on its usual tour of the weird and wild via dreaming. I’m walking through what may be described as a long hanger with glass on either side. Apparently I was preparing to board a plane and this hanger-like structure was like a terminal.

While walking along with the other prospective passengers I noticed how interesting the building next door looked. There were openings that had been covered in some sort of yellow coverings, which contrasted nicely with the falling rain, grey skies and general mood of matters.

Thinking this would make a great photo opportunity I put down my bags and started rummaging around for my camera. The large bay door at the end of this hanger began to open and I knew my chance had arrived. I finally find my camera only to discover that it’s not my camera. It’s my bag, but not my camera. As a matter of fact it doesn’t look like any camera I’ve ever seen before and I have no idea how to operate it (not unlike real life with my Canon 40D!).

I start walking out onto the tarmac in the rain while trying to figure out any of the controls on the camera so that I might fire off at least one shot. As my attention is upon the camera I haven’t noticed that my brain has changed she scene until I look up after being frustrated by the camera. Now the scene is of a mountainous park, like a state or national park, with tourists buzzing around snapping pictures and looking at the flora and fauna.

Of course, being a dream, I think nothing of this complete change in scenery and location and return my attention to the overly frustrating camera of death.

I don’t know if I ever figured it out. And I still don’t know if or what it all means. Typical.