Photography and Companionship

Just finished reading this blog posting by a friend (I hope that’s not too strong a word Mike). It’s a great story about his adventures with his (best) mate while out taking photographs in fields and such near his home.

He and his mates adventures in photography are often the subject of postings. Over the time I’ve read them I’ve realized how wonderful they sound. They very much remind me of the time I spent with my best mate, George, when we would head out and about. Granted, we didn’t share a thing for photography so that wasn’t a focal point for us, but the comradeship is the same. I miss George. If only he would move here…


I confess to being jealous. I want a friend with whom to run amok and do photography things. Even artsy things would be okay (as we know Mike enjoys such). Alas, I haven’t had much luck in the manner of making friends here in Ohio. Perhaps it is because one of the more typical manners by which we meet and make friends is through work. When you’re unemployed those opportunities do not occur. All I know is that I find myself smiling in a knowing way when I read the tales of Mike and mate. They so remind me of great times with my best friend, sans the camera of course.


10 thoughts on “Photography and Companionship

  1. Ah, I could wax lyrical about friendship… but I won’t!

    Photography chums though are a different matter. Whilst I’m perfectly happy/content with my own company (indeed, I spend far more time on my own than I do in the company of others… despite any appearances to the contrary) and will quite cheerfully embark on solo photo jaunts with nothing other than the camera and an MP3 player to accompany me, indulging a session with a companion does change the experience quite considerably. I wouldn’t necessarily say its better, but its certainly different. And very enjoyable too.

    But I’ve never particularly sought out such chums. My feeling is that if one just “puts oneself out there” in the sense of enthusiastically pursuing this… er… pursuit then eventually such chums will gravitate one’s way.


  2. Maybe I’m just scary or something. When I’m out and about doing my photography thing in the wild, folks seem a bit leery of me.

    Sure, I’m 6’4″ and look vaguely like an Aryan (short blonde hair, blue eyes, etc.), but I’m really an easy going guy.

    I’ve had friends tell me I’m a bit intimidating in the flesh.


  3. Well, its strange you should say that cos, oddly, quite a few people have from time to time apparently found me a bit scary too. Can’t imagine why. Prob’ly entirely different reason than yours though.


  4. Even though I go on quite a few photo walks with photography friends, I prefer to go alone. I pack my camera, my ipod and my phone and head out. It’s great “me” time.

  5. Don’t get me wrong folks, I really enjoy the freedom that comes with heading out on my own. I can go where I want. Spend as much time as I wish. Liberty. Easy.

    But there are moments I would so much like to share with a friend or friends. A place I find really good for picture-taking or just to share ideas and techniques. And just to shoot-the-shit in general.

    But here is something interesting…you both mention how you like to bring along your MP3 player. That is interesting. While I have a handful of them (including two very portable ones) I have never thought about bringing one with me while I’m out taking pictures. I do many things while listening to music on a MP3 player, but photography is not one of them.

    How odd…

  6. Ah, music and photography. They do seem to complement one another beautifully. I sometimes speculate though whether the type of music one listens to influences the photographs one takes. Hmm.

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