2.3Gigapixels? WTF??

I found this on Gizmodo.com this evening.

Yes; it’s another video, but it is photography related so suck it.

I’m simply gob-smacked.

The Gizmodo site says, “Of course, Gizmodo reader Gerald Donovan didn’t send the photo itself, as it would have broken the entire internet. He created a video zooming in and out of his image in Photoshop. It’s like magic. Or an episode of CSI. I just can’t believe the level of detail in this photo. It’s stunning to see such a titanic structure in this way.”


5 thoughts on “2.3Gigapixels? WTF??

  1. There is a guy here in NZ who is doing seriously cool work with gigabyte sized images – there is a project to take the biggest photograph ever that hs is working on, and in one of his experiments he used a robot to take over a hundred photos that he then stitched together to make this HUGE panoramic image

    its very cool!

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