Stay on target…..stay on target…

I really cannot figure out if this is a step forward or backward….or neutral. I purchased a dSLR because I was unsatisfied with my digital point-n-shoots capabilities (especially its slowness at snapping the shot). And I took my dSLR and snapped and snapped and snapped and uploaded to Flickr and uploaded to Flickr and uploaded to Flickr.

And then came the drought.

Not feeling inspired. Not feeling creative. Not feeling much of anything (and I’m not just talking photography here). And so the dSLR sat. Being used sometimes, but never getting round to going through my images, editing, deleting, posting, etc.


But then comes along my iPhone and suddenly I’m snapping pics every day. Of anything. Of everything. And I’m loving it. “It” being photography. But this is really over the top:

I didn’t actually snap this picture. Yes; the iPhone did, but I didn’t.

See…. a number of weeks back my daughter (who also has an iPhone) and I purchased an app titled Gunman which uses augmented reality (the iPhone’s camera) to turn your iPhone into a first-person shooting game. But what I didn’t know was that in certain modes of play the game will temporarily record the shots that are “hits” and at the end of the game allow you the option to save them to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

And this I did of one of the shots.

So now not only can I actually shoot pictures, but I can snap pictures while shooting. I think I’m in over my head…

6 thoughts on “Stay on target…..stay on target…

  1. iphones are great! I enjoy all the photography apps. Most days I’d rather snap pics with my iphone. And, I know what you mean about a drought. This past weekend, I actually thought of giving up blogging and flickr. I realized (while communing with the gods) that I am burned out.

  2. Well, a coupla weeks or so back I acquired one of these ‘ere all-singing all-dancing 3G phones (not an iPhone of course… wouldn’t give one of them house room. Heh heh) that seems to do everything apart from make the coffee.
    It’ll even tell me where I am! Which is a real bonus cos half the time I haven’t a clue.
    Mine’s actually an offering from Nokia… sort of a Blackberry lookalike. Was originally after a proper Blackberry but that fell through.
    And, inevitably, had to try out the camera… just to see how it works sorta thing.

    But enthusiastic about it? Not a chance. Why would I bother taking pics with a phone when I have some perfectly serviceable cameras? Don’t understand it really. Is it the novelty, or what?

    Could just be of course that I don’t like mobile phones period. Never have done. Probably never will. So its a bit of a mystery to me why I seem to have so many of the damn things.

    Re the loss of inspiration/burnout or whatever, well, can’t say much about that. I have odd days here and there (sometimes a week or so) when I don’t feel inclined to do very much photo-wise but they seem to pass.
    Secretly I think I probably burned out about 20 years ago so there’s nowt left worth burning.
    Or p’raps my fallow period’s still to come.

  3. Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that you are shooting your daughter? Not that I haven’t wished my children to disappear(–but, you know, bloodlessly.) There is something slightly macabre about having a photo of your daughter with a target on it. I can see you now ,with some stranger, whipping out your phone to show your daughter’s photo…with a target emblazoned on it. Might want to be careful, as difficult as the young are to deal with, the stranger might be struck unpleasantly by your possible homicidal tendencies towards your offspring;>

  4. @ imetam Burnout is only one problem as well. I have a few blogs I keep up and I’m not certain I wish to continue with some of them as I feel they are to specific in their nature. And I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m enjoying Twitter.

    @ fotdmike I felt as do you about camera phones until I got the iPhone. The quality of its images far surpasses my previous phones. But there are other reasons why it just seems to speak to me. There is the immediacy of being able to photograph whatever…whenever…without having to carry around a full-fledged camera (either p&s or dSLR). And it means I’m shooting all the time; multiple times a day. I don’t post every shot I take on my iPhone onto Flickr; just some. But I love it. I like to go back after a few weeks and go through the images…..the wife, the daughter, the cat and dogs….just snippets of everyday life that pass so quickly and without thought, but that are now recorded for posterity. Maybe you would feel different if you had a kid or kids or pets, etc.

    @ Kym It’s a fun game Kym. The daughter and I chase each other around the house or outside taking our shots at each other and then after a set time period comparing how many on-target shots we got of each other. 40-years ago it was cops and robbers with toy guns. It’s only the technology that’s changed. Besides….every time I see this picture I think of Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet” album/CD cover.

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