Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed…

Let me just start by quoting a Tweet I posted a few hours ago:

Why o why is the universe fucking me so hard today? And not even some lube…

Yes; it’s been that sort of day.

Let me set the stage for this afternoon’s photography-related, head up my ass, where’s my fucking brain, could I get any dumber, does my life insurance policy exclude payout because of suicide moment. This morning the service technician came round to perform the annual preventive maintenance upon our heat pump (for those of you not in the know, a heat pump is the device by which we cool and heat our home). Only he couldn’t get the damn thing to turn on, which was odd because I knew it had been running.

Notice the emphasis on the word “knew”? No? Well please go back and notice it because it’s important.

So instead of performing the usual PM stuff he goes into diagnostic mode (which means I’m suddenly paying him for the service because the PM is covered by our protection plan) and after some hours comes to the conclusion that the compressor is dead. Like Elvis. Or Michael Jackson. Take your pick.


It was installed almost precisely 10-years, 6-months and 2-days ago. It’s warranty expired at 10-years. Can I get a “Bloody fucking hell,” from the audience? Ah yes…. thank you. To just replace the compressor is almost USD1,900 (that’s GBP1,242 for those of you across the pond). And that would mean placing a brand new compressor into a unit that is already 10+ years old. So all the wiring, electronics, tubing, etc. will still be 10+ years old. And there is silly ol’ me thinking the damn thing had been running just fine, when I stopped to think about it for a few seconds….. No. I guess I haven’t really seen the damn fan thingy spinning round in a few days, but who would have noticed? We haven’t had need to turn on either the air conditioning or heat because the weather has been so glorious.


But this is the cheapest route as to replace the entire outside unit (the box in which the compressor sits with all the other electronics, tubing, etc). would be around USD3,500 (GBP2,289) and to replace the entire system, which means the outside unit as well as the unit indoors (called the air handler) would run from around USD10,000 to USD14,000 (GBP6,540 to GBP9,155) depending upon which system we selected (good, better, best).

Keep in mind I continue to be unemployed.

So that was my morning. Nice one, eh? Loads of expenses with nary two dollars to rub together in the ol’ bank account. But life goes on, right? As part of my new way…. my new plan… I’m not going to let this get me down. I have a roof over my head. Access to the series of tubes we call the Internet. Plenty of food. Friends (ahem). And as such I elect to try and bolster my mood by grabbing my camera and driving back to downtown Dayton, Ohio, so that I can re-shoot a shot I did the other day that did not come out as I needed it to do. It is a shot for my photography class and the result with which I returned Monday morning was simply awful.

Mind you, it is about an hour drive round trip just to re-do this shot, which I really didn’t have to do seeing how I had plenty of other pictures for this particular project. It was just that I really liked this particular idea and thought it would be the best of my choices were I to get it right and I could use the mental diversion, and so I took off….

I arrive downtown. I obtain a spot to park just feet away from where I will take my shot and begin the process of getting my camera out of the bag, putting on the correct lens and turning the camera on. And that is when I noticed this unusual icon appearing in the status/settings screen of my Canon 40D. “What’s this then?” I ask myself and suddenly I’m struck dumb. As if an anvil had dropped upon my head and heart. There was no compact flash card in my camera.

Ohhhhh……. fuck me.

I had taken it out of the camera last night to download the latest batch of pictures to my computer and had not placed the card back into the camera. But wait! I keep a spare 2GB card in the camera bag!! I’m saved… I’m saved!!

Oh fuck me again.

I had ‘borrowed’ said card for my other camera the other day and as such it was still in that camera and not in my camera bag.

For a few moments I had this incredibly overwhelming urge to walk into the oncoming traffic. The authorities would probably rule it an accident (not knowing about my morning’s issues or the missing compact flash card) and my wife would come into all sorts of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of life insurance.

A win-win if you ask me.

But you know what’s really funny about all this? And I mean “funny” in that awkward, deja vu sort of way? Wednesday morning I went out to a local park in hopes of getting shots of some local juvenile bald eagles, who feed along the Stillwater River valley at this time of the year. While the eagles were not out I ran into a nice guy taking pictures of some blue heron and we got to talking about photography equipment and such. During this conversation he mentioned the irritation of occasionally forgetting to have a media card in his camera and I suggested…. I suggested to him that he should buy an inexpensive and small card and keep it in his car’s glove box.

You know….just in case.


5 thoughts on “Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed…

  1. I missed a brilliant sunset for EXACTLY the same reason but I didnt have the bright idea you did! *makes note to buy a small size card for emergencies as well as another big one to stash in camera bag*

  2. Thanks lensaddict. It does suck. But what is one going to do?

    And I still haven’t put the damn 2GB card in my car. Will I ever learn?

    (probably not)

  3. Amen Tamela. It’s enough to convince me to purchase a backup battery as well. My vertical grip/battery holder has room for two batteries, so why not?

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