Tie me off lover…

I know I’m guilty of it.

A longing stare. A feeling of lust. A sideways glance followed by a knowing smile and nod of the head. Yeah… that’s it. Work it… WORK IT… WORK IT!!

I confess it doesn’t happen every time. It’s not like I’m some sort of perv after all. Yet it happens often enough, but can you really blame me? I mean, it’s the one thing I know pretty well even though it has little bearing on anything. But some days I just can’t help it.

Camera envy.

I’m out some place, snapping pics with my trusty Canon 40D, when along comes some stranger. A stranger with a bigger & badder camera. Maybe it’s a Nikon D300s. Mabye a Canon 7D. On occasion it’s a Canon 5D Mark II. And often, but not always, they have some hot-ass piece of glass attached to their luscious camera. Some sort of crazy fixed f/2.8 or a monster 400mm prime.


I just want to touch it. I want to stop them and say “Hey… do you mind if I take a hit off that 7D?” or “Can I lick that lens?” But it’s embarrassing. Embarrassing to look and feel so needy. Embarrassing because I know the quality of a photographer’s work has far less to do with the equipment than it does anything else.

Granted, quality equipment can help take & make better pictures. That f/2.8 lens allows for options one doesn’t readily have when shooting at f/5.6. A better & faster auto-focus system can mean the difference between getting the shot and not getting it. But that pricey and delicious equipment doesn’t make one a better photographer, just one able to more readily capture a given situation.

But all that knowledge and understanding means little when I’m out in the field and I come across some photographer strutting about with their D300s in hand or their 7D attached to a monopod. Nope. All my careful thinking and understanding goes right out the proverbial window and I find myself smitten. Wanting to touch. To caress. To ask things like “Does it increase your sexual potency? Do you have to fight off the women with a stick? Did it cure your arthritis?”

I feel like a fucking junkie…


6 thoughts on “Tie me off lover…

  1. heh heh. I have camera envy on occasion, but nothing near what it used to be. Funny, I was out not long ago and saw a lady carrying an EOS 1D Mark III. Instant envy. Sadly, I get that way over the 5D Mark II too.

    I realized a while back that certain equipment doesn’t make a photographer the best (or very good). I’ve seen some really crappy photos that have been taken with very expensive cameras/lenses. Even some taken by “professionals”. True a lot of it is about knowing how to use the camera properly to get the desired shot, but the majority of it is about having “the eye.” Some of the best work I’ve ever seen has come from self taught folks and those born with the talent (not always a college graduate with a degree in art/photography). I know a lady who has a bachelor’s in art with a concentration in photography from a local university. In my opinion, whoever paid for her tuition, wasted their… um, I’ll stop there because what I was about to say would sound really ugly and I am getting off subject.

    Where am I going with all this? ….. The realization that my crappy shots can be taken with expensive equipment keeps my camera envy in check (most of the time). HA HA HA


    • I completely agree. And I as I state there really isn’t a hard connection between expensive equipment and quality images, but there is, I believe, a connection between being able to get some shots one otherwise couldn’t.

      For example…. my latest photo shoot at an autocross was made more difficult by the 40D’s issues with focal points (too few). Another guy was out there with his 7D and we spent some time comparing images, which was reasonable since we were both shooting with the same lens and with the same general settings.

      We noted he had a marked number more images that were in focus than did I of the moving cars. While this doesn’t mean his good pictures were better than my good pictures it does suggest he will have a greater number of images from which to choose as final products.

      It’s hard not to want that sort of extra umph!

  2. i meant bachelor in art with a concentration in photography….. geezzzz, blame that one on communication between fingers and brain.

  3. Okay, I haven’t even figured out how to use the camera I have…sooo why wish for something more. It isn’t reasonable but I do feel the lust, too!

  4. *sigh* I lust after the 100-400 lens. I got into camera stores and gaze at it longingly, wishing I could afford one and take it home.

    I do try not to be all “camera nerd” when someone has one, but I will certainly make admiring comments if someone has particularly shiny gear 🙂

    you are not alone, trust me LOL

  5. Thanks for the reassurance that I’m not all on my own here, lensaddiction. Some days it’s easy to not notice the gear, but other days…. not so easy.

    I think, in part, it’s because I feel comfortable discussing such. Specifications, reviews, pricing, etc. are so much easier to wrap one’s head around when compared to the ‘art’ that can be photography.

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