The cow sez “Moooooooooo”

Yeah. I know. You don’t have to tell me.

I suck.

It’s a fair cop.

I could come up with some extra-special reason. Some uber excuse. Something plausible, believable and sympathy-inducing. But that would be too much fucking work. Truth be told: I’ve been a lazy shit about writing for a while.

Sure… some of it is seriously related to having come to a conclusion that this little blog was a bit aimless. Yeah, it deals with photography and my foray into it. Well…. if one can call 2.5 years a “foray”. Regardless, I’ve been wondering where I want to go with this blog and what I want it to say. And to be frank it’s a bit difficult.

I’ve been told I’m a pretty good story teller, but this blog isn’t about telling stories. Actually, if you really want excellent stories that more-often-than-not have a photography bent, you should be reading this guy’s stuff. He writes the way I wish I could write. Casual. Funny. Smart. Interesting.

To be fair, I think I used to write more like he does now. He has been busy improving (no doubt frequent posting and re-working his thoughts before posting helps) while I’ve been busy languishing. But that’s only my fault. And while I do not promise that this particular blog ‘o mine will continue on, I’m rededicating myself to writing and this is one of a few places where I’d like to get back into the swing of things.

That said….

Check these out!

Not long after I joined Flickr I noticed an advertisement for a company named, who offered printing services primarily aimed at business cards and the like. I never thought much about it seeing how I had no need or use for business cards and eventually they disappeared from Flickr.

However, at some point the bloke who’s website I referenced earlier made a purchase of cards from I asked what he thought of them and the long and short was that he was impressed. And so it was I made a mental note to keep in the back of my head. You know….. just in case.

Over the past two years I have, on a few occasions, encountered folks who noted I was photographing them or something they too had been looking at (but not photographing) and they would ask about getting a copy of the picture or pictures. This usually involved someone scribbling a phone number or e-mail address on a readily losable piece of paper. Of all those instances not a single person ever managed to contact me. I think it’s mostly a matter of their forgetting or losing the note. But no more.

I recently came across a coupon for use on and elected to purchase for myself some of their mini cards (about half the height of a traditional business card). On one side is one of my pictures and the reverse has my name, phone number and e-mail address. The nice thing was that I didn’t have to select just one image for the card’s front. One can use up to 50 different images for the front, but only one for the back if you elect that design criteria.

I ordered 200-cards, which is way more than I need, but I figured the price isn’t going to get any cheaper with time and I may as well stock up now. I feel it was a reasonable and prudent investment of less than USD40 and I cannot wait for the first opportunity I have to dispense one. I imagine it will feel really awesome.