I don’t know what I’m doing…

Is it really the end of March 2013?  Have I really not posted anything since whenever it was?

I’m only posting now because I was doing something this evening that I have been putting off for ages:  deleting old photos.  When I first started with my first dSLR I was using CaptureOne software for editing.  At the time I had no clue what I was doing and missed what was probably the really helpful part of such software: file management.

I took advantage of CaptureOne as I was able to procure a free copy thanks to the nice SanDisk media card I had purchased for my then-new Canon 40D.  However, when I made the change to Apple computers in 2009 I also made the jump to Adobe’s Lightroom. With Lightroom I decided to take full advantage of all the file management opportunities, but it was too late for all those old files edited in CaptureOne.

But I think this turned out to be a good thing in the end.  In the beginning I pretty much kept EVERY photo I took.  And MOST of what I took was crap.  And so I have carefully avoided looking at those old pictures in Lightroom because I knew the day would come that I would want to cull the heard, so to speak.

Besides, I didn’t want to go through them and bring them into the fold (adding keywords and renaming the files) unless I really, really wanted to keep the picture.  At this point I have already deleted over 500-images, but I don’t know how many I looked at so I can’t say what percentage went to the garbage can, but I’m confident it was pretty high.

I’ve also been considering getting back into the habit of writing here.  I don’t know that I will.. I have much in the way of major changes occurring in my life at this time.  Huge changes.  And starting writing again at this moment may not be right.  Then again, perhaps the time spent writing will help ease me through this transitional time with a bit more grace and ease than I might otherwise exhibit.

But no promises.

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