You Didn’t Ask For It, But Your Getting It Anyway!

So last night I stayed up a bit later than I had originally planned because I had become slightly obsessed with the notion of playing with some software and doing something new and different. No. Not ‘new and different’ as in no one had ever done it before, but ‘new and different’ for me. Which means short of anything other than tweaking the pic it would be new and different.

So that I wouldn’t forget the new high I had gotten smokin’ that photo-editing software, I took a quick trip through my posted images on Flickr and looked for a few that I thought might do well with the same trick as I had done the night before. I found a few and check ’em out!

Andy Warhol Gas Pumps

Brilliant Butterfly

I’m actually very, very happy (and proud) of both these images. I think I picked the best pics possible for this treatment. And they are pretty much stock images (I worked from the actual uploaded JPEG files on Flickr) as I only increased the saturation for the butterfly to really make him stand out and left the gas pumps alone.

The funny thing is that while I was looking through my pictures I was thinking about the sorts of issues that I was discussing in my other entry from yesterday. I was considering what would be the impact of my actions with the photo-editing software and trying to ‘see’ it and then decide whether or not I thought it would fly as an image. Drat. I’m on the road to artist, aren’t I? I’ve sold my soul and it’s all over. Oh well.

Also, I gave the simpler b&w only treatment to a picture of the daughter, as seen here:

Bug in b&w.jpg

and I feel that this one didn’t work. Or didn’t work as well as I had hoped and/or expected. In other words: my vision and output didn’t match. So the question is, “What did I do wrong?” To that end I have placed this picture in a special Set titled Your Assistance Please on my Flickr site. Like a fellow photography enthusiast I know, I opted to create this set for pictures I wish folks to offer some help and/or guidance. So if you have any ideas or thought, please feel free to comment as such as I’m looking for opinions.


Why Bee Normal?

I know!  Two posts in one day!  Heck.  Two posts within hours of each other!  I confess that the reading I had done that led to my post of earlier this evening left me with the urge to try something with photo editing software.  Up to now I have only used editing software to tweak (as a certain party is so fond of saying) pictures to my satisfaction based upon what I recall of the live scene.  This time I wanted do so something real, if you will, which led to this.

Colour Bee

Sure.  Loads of folks do this.  Loads of folks do this and then post them to their WP blogs and/or Flickr sites.  I know.  It isn’t particularly original, but what the hell do I care?  I wanted to do this.  Almost every time I’ve seen someone do this sort of treatment I have liked it, so why shouldn’t I try this as my first experiment with photo editing software?

Pretty cool, eh?