A mental hump…

For some time my parents, my mother in particular, have been encouraging… perhaps pushing… me to look into selling some of my pictures as prints. Personally I think this is rather deranged even though I do think I get some good shots on occasion…

An occasional good shot

While I do love the encouraging words and thoughts it’s the sort of thing I imagine many children take with a grain of salt. You know… of course mom and dad are going to be supportive and such. It’s all part of the job, right?

Please don’t misunderstand. I do not mean to impugne their encouragement in any way. It’s mostly a matter of it being easier to dismiss such support than it is to embrace it. It’s part of the way I work, for better or worse. (worse I’m certain)

But also of late I have been receiving no small amount of prodding, encouragement and definite pushing from my neighbors and friends, the Edwards. They are a couple who live across the street and whose lawn I mow. We have long had this lawn-mowing relationship, but over the past five or so months it has bloomed into a friendship as well.

Part of this friendship has included a lot of pushing me to seriously consider selling my images as prints. Lynda, herself an artist and lover of art, has been particularly encouraging, helping me to think about various ways I might get my feet wet in the world of selling one’s own works.

And truth be told I wouldn’t mind giving it a whirl…

Albino squirrel

Our albino squirrel: Abbie

We have discussed obtaining a booth in a local art festival, but that one was already closed to new entries. But there remains other opportunities coming up as we move from the dog days of summer into the more pleasant months of Autumn.

But there remains one single hurdle… hump, if you will… which I need to overcome and that is the one of self-deprecation.

Simply put: I like, even love, some of my work, but it’s one thing to think well of your own work and another to think highly enough such that others would be willing to part with their hard-earned cash for it.

It is an obstacle with which I have been fighting for pretty much all my life. Not about photography specifically, but about most anything at which I showed any genuine talent. It’s part of who I am to doubt myself. To be insecure. To see no worth in whatever it is I can do, whether I do it well or not.

However, I do not image this isn’t an uncommon problem amongst artists. Not that I wish to place myself into the same category as real artists (see? there! I’m doing it already), but aren’t we usually our own worst critics?

I know plenty of folks on Flickr whose work I think is vastly superior to my own, yet there is nothing wrong with my work. More to the point, there is nothing saying that others, the public, wouldn’t enjoy my prints as much as I enjoy the pictures of others on Flickr.

Fortunately a very strange thing occurred on Friday while I was in attendance at a First Friday event in a small town south of where I live. I have attended a handful of the First Friday events at this place and learned the other day the event is doing well enough that they are in the process of converting the basement space into studios. And while I don’t need studio space it is a space from which to sell my wares.

Oddly enough, when I heard about this instead of thinking the usual thoughts (“No one would buy my pictures,” etc.) and putting up obstacles to success I was almost giddy with the idea that I might give it a try. That I could make it work.

Unheard of.

Woodland flower

Woodland flower

Now that the weekend has passed I wonder if I might be better served by trying to work some fairs and festivals for a year or two if for no other reason than to gauge the market potential for selling my work. After all, the rental of a booth at a weekend art festival is far less than that of rent for a space in a building.

Please don’t construe this to mean I’m back-tracking upon myself. No. Instead I prefer to think it is being more realistic and reasonable about the appropriate way to commence such a bold adventure. So let’s see if we can get this whole thing rolling…

Back in the saddle again…

Well I finally did it. Posted some pictures on Flickr. And not just ones from my cell phone. Or ones I took for a special occasion. Or as part of my group project thing.


PIctures of the sort I was enjoying taking until the malaise struck. Things like this…

And this…

Oh… what the hell. And like this too…

It seemed appropriate that my first real posting in some time should include pictures from a wonderful evening I had with some fellow Flickr-ites.

Let the fun begin. Again.

Stay on target…..stay on target…

I really cannot figure out if this is a step forward or backward….or neutral. I purchased a dSLR because I was unsatisfied with my digital point-n-shoots capabilities (especially its slowness at snapping the shot). And I took my dSLR and snapped and snapped and snapped and uploaded to Flickr and uploaded to Flickr and uploaded to Flickr.

And then came the drought.

Not feeling inspired. Not feeling creative. Not feeling much of anything (and I’m not just talking photography here). And so the dSLR sat. Being used sometimes, but never getting round to going through my images, editing, deleting, posting, etc.


But then comes along my iPhone and suddenly I’m snapping pics every day. Of anything. Of everything. And I’m loving it. “It” being photography. But this is really over the top:

I didn’t actually snap this picture. Yes; the iPhone did, but I didn’t.

See…. a number of weeks back my daughter (who also has an iPhone) and I purchased an app titled Gunman which uses augmented reality (the iPhone’s camera) to turn your iPhone into a first-person shooting game. But what I didn’t know was that in certain modes of play the game will temporarily record the shots that are “hits” and at the end of the game allow you the option to save them to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

And this I did of one of the shots.

So now not only can I actually shoot pictures, but I can snap pictures while shooting. I think I’m in over my head…

Flickr again!

Hey all. While I didn’t think I would be posting new pictures to Flickr (or writing in WordPress for that matter) while my inlaws are in town, it seems that it is a far safer thing to do when compared to being engaged in conversation with them.

Oh well.

Over the past few days I’ve been looking over pictures from other folks (hi Tam and Bri-n!) and I’ve come to two inescapable conclusions: (1) I suck, and (2) that’s okay

2008-05-11 (19)

It’s okay because I now fully and truly realize that I simply enjoy taking pictures. Maybe I’ll get lucky and take one that is really great, but for the most part I simply enjoy the process of taking pictures. And I’m going to continue in this fashion and then share them with the world for what it is worth.

Now doesn’t that make you happy?